Disadvantages of NuvaRing

  • it requires a prescription, you will therefore still have to initially make an appointment to see your GP, clinic or doctor to get a prescription
  • if you experienced side effects from using the combined oral contraceptive then you are likely to experience the same side effects
  • you should insert NuvaRing at the same time of day, for instance if you fitted it at 8am for the first cycle you should remove it at after the 3 weeks at 8am and then refit it at 8am the following week for your second cycle to begin. There are only 3 hours leeway on the time of insertion. If insertion is over three hours later say at 11.45am then it may not be as effective and condoms should be used for the first 7 days.
  • you may forget to remove or reinsert the ring. If you forget to remove a NuvaRing then this is OK for up to a week. If the NuvaRing has been not been removed for more than 4 weeks there is a chance that you may become pregnant.
  • you may insert two NuvaRings by mistake. You should remove it as soon as possible and may experience headaches, nausea and breast tenderness. However overdose is unlikely due to the low levels and slow rate of hormones released
  • some medications may interact with the NuvaRing
  • you may not be able to use NuvaRing if you suffer from certain medical conditions (some are listed below. You should check with your healthcare provider if NuvaRing is safe for you to use if you have existing medical conditions)
  • you cannot use NuvaRing if you smoke
  • it shouldn’t be used if you are breast feeding
  • you may also experience side effects like breakthrough bleeding and other common side effects like nausea
  • sexual partners may feel the ring inside the vagina

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