Preparing for the use of NuvaRing

Importantly if you have not just had a period, you should take a pregnancy test, especially if you experience symptoms of pregnancy. It may be wise to have testing for Chlamydia or other sexually transmitted disease before using NuvaRing, particularly if you experience any symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. Infections such as Chlamydia may be aggravated by transmitting the bacterium further into the vagina or uterus when inserting the NuvaRing. Without the use of condoms you also risk passing on an infection. It may be useful to know that you are not carrying an infection before the ring was inserted.

You should also keep a diary with your NuvaRing supply, so that you can jot down when you are inserting or removing the NuvaRing. That way you should easily be able to check when it is time to remove or insert the NuvaRing.  Alternatively, you may download the NuvaRing application (app) from straight onto your desktop PC, iphone or ipad. This application will automatically remind you on the day you need to insert or remove your NuvaRing. You can also sign up for a text messaging reminder service form that performs the same function as the app.

Is the NuvaRing or vaginal ring expensive to buy? What is the cost?

In America reports of cost between $30-35 for each ring, however vouchers may be available from that can be used to reduce the cost of the prescriptions. NuvaRing may be bought from online chemists in the UK at a cost of around £9 per month in 2012 or similarly to other forms of contraceptives, it is available free by prescription from a NHS registered doctor (general practitioner GP).

In which countries is the NuvaRing available?

Aside from its general availability in the USA, NuvaRing was granted a licence for sale in the UK in 2008. The purchase of NuvaRing is also possible within the rest of Europe where it was licensed for use earlier, in countries such as Belgium, Denmark and Germany.

How do I store NuvaRing?

NuvaRings can be stored in the packages at room temperature as long as the temperature doesn’t exceed 30°C (86°F). Avoid storing in direct sunlight. If you think it may be hotter than this at room temperature you can store the rings in cool areas. The packaging suggests that this should not be below 15oC, this might be due to the effect of cooling on the ring. Cooling of the ring plastic may stiffen the ring and make insertion more difficult. Therefore it may be wise to keep NuvaRing at room temperature for several hours before insertion and in the fridge for longer term storage. Take care small children do not have access to NuvaRings although NuvaRing should not be toxic they may cause side effects in young children, who do not naturally have high levels of these hormones until puberty.

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