Side effects of NuvaRing?

Everyone’s body is slightly different and individuals don’t have exactly the same circulating levels of hormones, although they will all be within a definite range of values. The levels of the etonogestrel (ENG) or EE released from the NuvaRing maybe too high or too low to perform the function intended within your body. For this reason you may experience side effects.

Side effects have been reported such as nausea, headache, migraine, depression, breast tenderness, vaginal bleeding (spotting), vaginal irritation, vaginal infections (such as thrush) and other menstrual irregularities. You may also gain weight, have fluid retention and find that your appetite changes. You may also experience hair loss, changes in sex drive, emotional instability, bloating, stomach cramps, vaginitis and a rash or eczema.

One of the serious side effects caused by the NuvaRing is to increase the chances of developing blood clots. If you experience severe headaches, vomiting and numbness in your limbs, breathlessness, problems with speech or vision then seek URGENT medical attention straight away because these may be symptoms of a stroke from abnormal blood clotting caused by the combined contraceptives within NuvaRing.

Other serious side effects are increased risks of developing heart attacks, strokes, heart disease raised blood pressure, inflammation of the pancreas, gallbladder disease, cancer of the liver and cancers of the female reproductive system.

Will my medication stop NuvaRing working or will NuvaRing stop my other medication working?

NuvaRing may affect how some medications work, you should check with your pharmacist or GP to make sure NuvaRing and your medicine are safe when used together.

Interactions may occur with some drugs such as cytochrome P450 enzymes. These enzymes increase the rate of removal of the hormones from your body and so they may not work as efficiently and you may be more likely to become pregnant whilst using NuvaRing with this medication. Other medications that may also reduce the effectiveness of NuvaRing are St. Johns wort, amoxillin or doxycycline, mediations that treat HIV, tuberculosis and epilepsy.

Does NuvaRing protect against sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy?

NuvaRing does not protect from sexually transmitted disease such as Chlamydia. You should use condoms to protect against sexually transmitted disease.

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