People in India offered money for a Vasectomy

Men in India are being offered 1,450 Rupee’s, which is the equivalent to just £19, for having a vasectomy. However, this amount of money in India can be life changing and has encouraged a vast number of men to undergo the procedure. The growing percentage of men having vasectomies has almost doubled in several areas and in 2008, there were over 4,500 vasectomies conducted in Mumbai alone. Even if the men bring along a friend to also have the procedure they are rewarded with 200 Rupee’s.

Whilst this money incentive scheme is being hailed as a contraceptive in an increasingly over-populated world, the question does remain as to what boundaries are being crossed. These men are being offered money in place of one of the most natural things of the human race; reproduction. The scheme itself has been seen as a solution to over-population, but surely money for condoms/contraceptive pills would be a more humane effort? Some may argue that there is the possibility of vasectomy reversals should the man severely regret his operation, but these reversals cost far more than what is received for the vasectomy in the first place.

Many men are seeing the vasectomy money as a chance to send their children to school, put the money towards much needed furniture and so on. But can a price really be placed on the opportunity to have more children in the future? And is this really a humane answer to slowing down the increase in populations?

Thursday 5th November 2009

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