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New Research on Post-Vasectomy Semen Samples

Patients may not have to provide multiple semen samples following vasectomy surgery due to new research published in The Netherlands. A study published in urology journal, BJUI, showed that 96% of men were given the 'all clear' after specialists carried out one simple test just three months after surgery. Researchers claim that adopting the definitive test could save patients making repeated and unnecessary visits to their urologist.

Robotics Improves Vasectomy Reversal

Using robotics to assist vasectomy reversal could speed up the procedure and further improve the treated patient's chances of fathering a child, experts claim. Experts explain that using robotic-assisted vasectomy could lead to the body being able resume producing sperm in high concentrations, quicker than is normal for recovered patients - increasing the likelihood of conceiving naturally.

Time, Vasectomy Reversal & Sperm Count

This month’s publication of the online edition of the Journal of Endourology sees the first researched comparison between the commonly used microscope procedure against the robot-assisted procedure for vasectomies. With the increasing introduction of robots into these types of surgeries the findings could hold the key to further improvements to vasectomy reversals, namely in the quicker recovery period of the patient and increased return speeds of sperm counts.

Finally the news spreads of a pain-free Vasectomy

The news of a vasectomy that can be conducted without a scalpel or needle will be new to the majority of people, but according to top experts this type of vasectomy has been kept in China for over thirty years. However, Dr Pugash of southern California is now offering the surgery to his patients. With vasectomies amongst men encouraged in many parts of the world, due to its simplicity compared to female sterilization, this could spell an even higher rise in vasectomies as a birth control.

People in India offered money for a Vasectomy

Men in India are being offered 1,450 Rupee’s, which is the equivalent to just £19, for having a vasectomy. However, this amount of money in India can be life changing and has encouraged a vast number of men to undergo the procedure.

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