Robotics Improves Vasectomy Reversal

Sunday 30th May 2010

Using robotics to assist vasectomy reversal could speed up the procedure and further improve the treated patient's chances of fathering a child, experts claim. Experts explain that using robotic-assisted vasectomy could lead to the body being able resume producing sperm in high concentrations, quicker than is normal for recovered patients - increasing the likelihood of conceiving naturally.

Research published in the Journal of Endurology shows that surgeons are also able to carry out vasectomy reversals quicker using robotic technology. The procedure lasts approximately 4-5 hours with a further 10 days estimated recovery. However, urologists at the University of Florida were able to reduce surgery by over 20 minutes using robotics.

Researchers hope that the news will placate critics who claim that the robotic technology, used to magnify and repair microscopic sperm tubes, wastes resources.

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