Advantages of Juvederm Ultra

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There are numerous advantages associated with this form of dermal filler. One of the major benefits of Juvederm Ultra is that it is relatively pain free compared to other facial treatment. It contains an anaesthetic within the injection itself so that as soon as it is injected, the area is numbed. Over 90% of patients who have had this form of treatment prefer it to other dermal fillers simply because the treatment is pain free.

It is also the first dermal filler that can last for up to a year. The majority of patients are satisfied with the results and over 70% of treatments last for up to a year. This does depend on other factors such as age and type of treatment but overall it is the most substantial dermal filler. The results are also immediately recognizable unlike other treatments where you might have to wait weeks until you get the results you want. The number of side effects is also small compared to other treatments and therefore your recovery time is a lot shorter.

Juvederm Ultra contains a natural component of the skin and therefore there is little chance of a bad reaction. You also do not need to have a skin test before you have the treatment. If you do not like the results, they will be naturally metabolized within the following months and thus you do not repeat the treatment. Also, it is suitable for all skin types.

Finally, there are a range of products that have been developed under the Juvederm Ultra name and they are each suited to a different area that can be treated. Therefore, you get the most suitable treatment for the area provided and thus better results.

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