Is Juvederm Ultra Safe?

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This form of facial treatment is made from a natural substance that is already present in your skin. It just so happens that the product is depleted in your body and is affecting the look of your skin. Therefore, Juvederm Ultra is relatively safe because you are not inserting a foreign substance into your body.

The injection is made up of hyaluronic acid and your body naturally metabolises this in your skin. Therefore, by injecting more into your skin you are topping up your bodies supply. It is not a permanent treatment as the body will break down the substance so if you are having a problem, the substance will not last longer than a year inside your body.

There is the risk of an allergic reaction to the sugar as some people are less tolerant to hyaluronic acid than others. If you do have a reaction and your face swells, speak to your doctor. There are not many others risks associated with Juvederm apart from the rare risk of infection. You are injecting into your skin and thus breaking through your skin barrier so evidently there is a risk of bacterial infection at the site of injection.  However, the area is disinfected before the treatment and the needle is extremely thin so that the hole created is miniscule to minimize the risk of infection.

There are some contraindications with the treatment Juvederm Ultra. Therefore, although the majority of the population is safe, some people may experience more side effects or complications and should not have the injections. You should ask your doctor if you fall into any of the risk categories to make sure that you can have Juvederm Ultra.

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