How Does Juvederm Ultra Work?

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Juvederm aims to minimize wrinkles, create volume and give your skin an overall smooth appearance. It does so, not by chemicals but by injecting a natural product into your skin. Therefore, there are very little allergic reactions to the dermal filler because it is a substance that is already present in your body.

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar found in the dermis of your skin. This is the inner layer of your skin where your fat cells and connective tissue reside. There is a supportive network that provides stability and structure to your skin called the extra cellular matrix and it is within this network that hyaluronic acid resides.  It’s chemical properties mean that is easily attracts water and this is what helps maintain smooth layers of skin and keep the skin hydrated.

Unfortunately, your body naturally metabolises hyaluronic acid. As you age, your body cannot replace the depleted levels of the sugar fast enough and thus some of the support in your skin is weaker. This causes wrinkles to appear around the eyes and the mouth and the skin feels a lot more papery than before. It can look quite aged and make your face look tired.

Juvederm ultra replaces the depleted levels of hyaluronic acid to restore the skins support and hydration. Therefore, the skin can look healthier the instant this sugar is replenished. You may experience a few side effects such as swelling and bruising to the area but this is usually minimal and you can notice the effects immediately.

However, the body will continue to break down the hyaluronic acid so therefore the treatment isn’t permanent. It can last up to twelve months however and then you can have more treatment. Although not as permanent as some treatments, Juvederm ultra is a safe option for it is a natural substance that you are injecting into your skin and thus your body should not have a reaction.

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