Side Effects of Juvederm Ultra

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Juvederm Ultra is a natural product that is injected into your skin and thus not many side effects occur. However, it is a treatment in which you are injecting a foreign substance into the body, thus there is always the risk of some side effects.

The first side effect that may occur is infection. This is incredibly rare but you are puncturing the skin with the dermal filler needle and thus there is the possibility that bacteria could infect the injection site. However, the area is cleansed prior to treatment and the needle is sterilized so this outcome is unlikely. Also, immediately after the procedure, the area may be a little raised and swollen. This is a temporary side effect that should disappear after a few days and can be reduced by the application of a cold compress.

You may also experience bruising around the area. This is unlikely unless you bruise easily as the needle is very fine and is unlikely to cause much damage to your blood vessels. However, insertion of a needle could cause bruising or more likely redness to occur in the area.

There is also the chance that the skin may become lumpy and nodules may appear. This is also rare but injection of a substance may not be as even as hoped. The massaging of the skin after the injection usually smoothes down the substance into the area so that you get an even result. However, this is not always the case and may lead to complications.

There is the possibility that you may have an allergic reaction if you are hypersensitive to hyaluronic acid. Some people have a low tolerance level of the sugar and may become aggravated when the levels of the sugar increase in the skin. If you already know of any sugar allergies, mention these to your doctor and also if you think that you are having a reaction after the injection, get your doctor to check it out.

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