Results of Juvederm Ultra

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Once you have had your treatment, you should be able to notice the difference immediately. The area that you have had treated may be slightly swollen and red so may appear bigger and more enhanced at first glance. However, this will quickly subside and you will be able to see the natural effects.

The lines that have been injected should look smoother and should not be as prominent on the face. The results should be smooth and there should not be any bumps in the skin where the hyaluronic acid was injected. If you have had treatment on the lips, they should appear enhanced with more volume and a fuller appearance. If they looked tired prior to treatment then the treatment should have corrected this by hydrating the skin with the natural substrate.

Results are not permanent for any dermal filler used. However, Juvederm Ultra is the only treatment in this area that is proven to produce results that will last up to one year. This is not necessarily the case with every patient because the treatment can differ between individuals and the area treated can also have differing results. However, over 80% of patients still noticed the treatment 9 months later and 78% still noticed the effects after one year.

You must be aware that the treatment will not last forever.  The body metabolizes hyaluronic acid over time and therefore the amount injected will follow this pathway. Other treatments are more permanent but come with bigger risks and Juvederm Ultra produces natural looking results so that people realize that you look different but cannot work out why. This is the desired effect for the majority of Juvederm Ultra users. Once the treatment has worn off, you can have a top up treatment.

Also, the results will vary between patients depending on a number of factors. It depends how old you are when you have the treatment, the amount of treatment you have and the skill of your medical practitioner. The results can also depend on your overall health and your lifestyle. For example, if you have treatment on your lips but continue to smoke, your results will not last for as long as some one who does not smoke.

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