Side Effects of Juvederm Ultra Smile

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There are a few side effects that have been associated with Juvederm Ultra Smile and these are similar to those also listed with other Juvederm products. It is rare for you to get any serious side effects as hyaluronic acid as it is a natural substance that your body is already used to and thus should not pose much of a threat. However, in some cases, your body may react to the hyaluronic acid.

There are some side effects that may occur directly after the treatment. These usually include bruising or redness in the area. This is quite common and will subside after one week if not sooner. In order to reduce the amount of bruising, you can immediately apply a cold compress to the lips. You may also get some swelling in the treatment area ,which again can benefit from a cold compress applied to the area. The area may also discolour slightly but this should only be temporary and normal colour should be seen soon after the treatment.

It is possible that you may get lumps or nodules in the treatment area. The medical practitioner should have smoothed out the treatment area to minimize the risk of this occurring but it is still a potential side effect. You will need to talk to your doctor about how this can be corrected.  There is also a risk of infection associated with the treatment. This is extremely rare as the area is cleansed before the treatment, the needle is sterilized and it is a very small insertion through the skin. However, it still breaks the skin barrier so there is a chance that bacterial could get in and cause an infection.

There is also the rare event that you will have a reaction to the hyaluronic acid and this is called hyposensitivity. If you are aware of any sugar allergies that you have, you should mention these to your doctor beforehand so that they can determine if you are suitable for the treatment. There is also a chance that an abscess can form in reaction to the hyaluronic acid but again the probability of this happening is extremely small.

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