Treatments With Juvederm

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There are a range of different facial treatments that combat the effects of aging. There are different pros and cons for each treatment and it depends on what appearance you are aiming for as to the best treatment for you. If you are considering facial treatment, you should look at and understand all the options so that you can make an informed decision.

Juvederm Ultra is a dermal filler and it is one of a range of dermal fillers on the market. It is one of the most effective and made from a natural substance so therefore it does not have many side effects. However, other dermal fillers can be effective in reducing wrinkles.  Other treatments also include chemical peels and laser treatment.

Dermal fillers

Artecoll is a synthetic dermal filler so it is not a natural substance found within the skin. It aims to restore volume to the skin and will last longer than natural dermal fillers because the body will not naturally metabolize it. However, it is synthetic and therefore more likely to cause adverse reactions than natural dermal fillers because your body does not recognize the substance.

Zyderm and Zyplast are collagen injections, which are inserted just under the first few layers of skin. Collagen is an important structural component that provides support for the skin. Just like Hyaluronic acid, over time the body depletes its stores of collagen and by restoring the amount of collagen in the skin, you can restore volume and ensure that the wrinkle lines are reduced. Similarly Dermalogan is a collagen filler and it consists of collagen from human donors when they have died. Autologan is another collagen injection but this time the collagen is taken from another area of your body and inserted into the facial areas that need treatment.

Fasicia is another dermal filler but it may be inserted during a surgical procedure instead of an injection. It involves taking some connective tissue from another site on your body and inserting it into your face. This will again restore any volume lost and make the skin look less papery. However, it will quickly be reabsorbed by the body and thus it has short lived results. Fat may alternatively be taken from your thighs and inserted into your face to restore the volume and make the skin stretch tight across your face.


Botox is a form of muscle relaxing treatment and it does not replenish your body’s skin components. Instead, it is a toxin called botulinum, which is derived from a bacterium, and it is injected into the muscles that are causing the wrinkle lines. This will cause them to relax and thus the dynamic lines will disappear. Your skin will appear tighter if you have this treatment. However, there are serious side effects with this form of facial treatment. Unlike Juvederm Ultra, the toxin should not be present in your body and it is actually a very dangerous toxin because it can paralyze your muscles. Should it somehow affect other areas, you may have trouble breathing and swallowing and these side effects can last for months.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are a more painful facial treatment compared to Juvederm Ultra. It involves adding  chemical solution to your face, which will cause the skin to blister. After the blistering has occurred, that layer can then be peeled off and a new layer underneath will be revealed. This new layer of skin is much tighter and smoother than the previous layer and thus you will have a younger appearance. However, the blistering can take weeks to heal and you will need to wear bandages as there is risk of infection. Therefore your recovery time is greater, even though the results last longer.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment can also be used to treat wrinkles and the results last longer than Juvederm Ultra but will eventually wear off.  Laser treatment is applied to the wrinkle line and will burn off the top layer of skin. It will also stimulate the layer underneath the skin to grow and this layer will not be as wrinkly as it is a new layer of skin. This can be quite painful and as with chemical peels, it also has a longer recovery period and risk of infection.

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