What Does Juvederm Ultra Treat?

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Juvederm Ultra is a range of products that are used as a facial treatment. They are injections that aim to give the skin a smoother, more rejuvenated appearance and are classed as dermal filler. There are a number of different areas of the face in which the products can be applied and it will depend on the type of wrinkle as to the type of product that will be used.

Generally, Juvederm Ultra will be used to treat static lines that have been caused by a loss of volume in the skin. These are the lines that are present when you are not moving any of the muscles in your face. It can also be used to create a fuller appearance in your lips. There are a number of popular areas that people have treated and all have effective results.

Frown lines

You may have noticed the appearance of lines between your eyebrows and these lines are called Glabellar lines. Over time, frowning has led to the formation of two vertical lines between your eyebrows and due to a loss in volume of skin, these lines are still apparent even when you are not frowning. Juvederm Ultra 2 is sufficient in reducing these lines and an injection into this area will create a smoother appearance between the brows.

Smoker’s lines

Lines that occur around your mouth are commonly called smoker lines as they are caused from the motion made whilst smoking. They can also occur from pursing your lips and over time they become more and more prominent. These lines can be reduced and smoothed out through the use of Juvederm Ultra.

Crows feet

Periorbital rhytides, more commonly known as crow’s feet are an area that can be treated with Juvederm Ultra. These wrinkles form over time from a variety of facial expressions such as smiling and crying as well as from smoking and sun exposure. The skin around the eyes is the first area to lose its integrity and thus would benefit from the injection of hyaluronic acid provided by Juvederm Ultra.


Over time, your face can lose its hydrated healthy looks and the cheeks are an area that can be most affected. Aging or weight loss can decrease the volume of your cheeks and make you seem gaunt and unhealthy. By injecting Juvederm Ultra 4, you can restore volume to the cheeks and ensure a healthier glow.

Smile lines

A common area that is subject to folds of skin is the area around the mouth. A line usually forms between the end of your nose and the corner of your mouth and this is formed from smiling. Therefore, it is usually a deep-set line but it can be significantly reduced with the injection of Juvederm Ultra.

Marionette lines

This area is a common area that is treated by Juvederm Ultra. Marionette lines are the lines that occur at the corners of the mouth and protrude downwards. This can make your appearance look tired, sad or angry. By injecting Juvederm Ultra, you can smooth the area so that the lines disappear and thus your appearance is rejuvenated.

Cupids bow

The area between the upper lip and the nose is referred to as cupids bow and over time this area can become less defined and flattened. This can change the shape of the lips so that they do not look as defined and full as they used to. An injection of Juvederm Ultra can  add volume and definition to the area, not only rejuvenating this area but also improving the appearance of the lips.


Juvederm Ultra Smile is a specific product created that acts solely upon the lips. Over time your lips can lose their definition and become thinner, with lines appearing at the edges that make you look tired and withdrawn. Your lips may also look asymmetrical and injections into and around the lips can solve all these problems.

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