What is Juvederm Ultra Smile?

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Another product produced under the name Juvederm Ultra is Juvederm Ultra smile and as you can guess from the name, it works solely upon the mouth.  Over time, lips can also lose their volume and injections around the area aim to enhance the overall appearance and create more volume.

Research shows that the most attractive lips are wide and full of volume so naturally a number of women seek this treatment to create this effect. Over time, your lips may start to look rather thin and droopy, creating a tired expression, which is undesirable. The area between your nose and your upper lip can become less defined so that there is not much shape around your mouth and the edges may turn down. Overall this can make your facial appearance seem older and tired. You may also have a number of wrinkles in the corners of your mouth, which may have been caused by smoking or pursing your lips too often that you may want to get rid of.

Juvederm Ultra Smile works on a number of different areas of your lips. First it can work on your upper and lower lip, adding more volume and making your lips look more enhanced. Sometimes your lips can look unbalanced because the lower lip is bigger than the upper lip and vice versa. Juvederm Ultra Smile can help balance this difference so that it is less noticeable and gives you a more symmetrical appearance. It can also be injected into the corners of your mouth to restore volume and remove the droopiness of the corners. It can be injected around the border of your lips so that the shape of your lips becomes more defined.

It contains the same hyaluronic acid component as all the other Juvederm products and therefore it is a natural treatment. You are injecting a substance so that you can rehydrate the area and make it seem more voluminous. If you are interested in this form of treatment, you should get in touch with an anaesthetic practitioner in your area and talk to them about the injection, specifying exactly what you want your lips to look like. If your expectations are realistic, you should be able to have the treatment.

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