juvederm-What Happens During Juvederm Treatment

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The area or areas that will be injected with Juvederm Ultra are cleaned to reduce the risk of infection. Depending on the medical practitioner, an anaesthetic cream may be added to the skin. This is not necessary as the injection itself contains anaesthetic but it may be given for added comfort to ensure that your treatment is as smooth as possible.

A fine needle is used to inject the dermal filler into the skin. There will be small amounts of hyaluronic acid within the needle and usually 0.3% of lidocaine to numb the area as soon as it is injected. Juvederm Ultra is injected into the edges of the lines of the wrinkles that you want to treat. The dermal filler will be injected around the edges of the lips if that is the treatment that you have chosen. The area that is injected is then massaged to spread the dermal filler to give an even smooth appearance. The treatment will take approximately fifteen to thirty minutes depending on the amount of treatment you are having and once you have completed the treatment, you can head home.

Will the treatment hurt?

Unlike other dermal fillers, there is minimal pain associated with Juvederm Ultra. It is the first treatment of its kind to contain an anaesthetic so that as soon as you are injected, the anaesthetic immediately begins working and numbs the area within seconds. Therefore, it is unlikely that the treatment will be unbearable. However, you are being injected with a needle so there will be an element of discomfort involved. The needle has also been specially designed so that it is as thin as possible so that there is minimal resistance to its insertion.

A study was conducted to assess the level of pain caused by Juvederm Ultra and other dermal fillers on the market. 95% of patients preferred Juvederm Ultra treatment and described minimal discomfort during the procedure. Many patients also reported that they didn’t endure any pain after the treatment.

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