Recovering After Juvederm

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Recovering after injections of Juvederm Ultra is much faster than other facial enhancing treatments.  There is no general anaesthetic involved in the procedure therefore you will not be unconscious and will not have a long recovery time. The anaesthetic is applied within the needle and this has instant numbing capabilities. The effects of this will last just long enough to finish the treatment so that you will not be in any pain but will also not have to rest after the procedure.

The results are immediate but the area may be swollen or bruised. This will last no longer than one week if that. You changes may look bigger than they are due to the swelling but your face will soon settle to its new appearance and you can see the benefits of the treatment. The area may also be red for a few days. You could apply a cold compress such as ice to try to bring the swelling down quicker.

It is important that you follow a few instructions after your treatment to ensure that there are no complications and so that you get the best possible results. You should not apply any make up to the area for at least twelve hours after the injection.  You should also avoid using any moisturizer and when you do so, you should use a perfume free product until your skin has completely settled.

If you have had treatment on the lips you should avoid drinking anything that is too hot or cold so that you do not cause any aggravation. You should also avoid lipstick and try not to purse your lips, suck or kiss during the first few days following treatment.  Make sure that if you do notice that the area is becoming aggravated, you contact your medical practitioner.

It is customary to attend a follow up appointment with your doctor two weeks after your treatment. This is to ensure that you are happy with the results and that you have not endured any complications. If you are not satisfied or something has gone wrong with the treatment then this appointment will help you and your doctor to decide what to do next. However, complications or dissatisfaction are very rare as the majority of patients are happy with the outcome of Juvederm Ultra treatment.

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