Difference between Collagen Injections and Juvederm Ultra

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Whilst researching different facial treatments, you may have come across collagen injections. There are so many different treatments out there that it is difficult to work out exactly what would suit your appearance and thus it is important that you understand the concepts behind all the treatments. Therefore, make sure you do your research to make the best possible choice for your appearance.

Collagen injections are more similar to Juvederm Ultra than Botox injections because they are also an injection of a natural skin component. Collagen is the main supportive fibre within your skin and it is what gives your skin its strength and rigidity. It is very difficult to break collagen and thus it is very supportive of your skin.  Just like hyaluronic acid, your body breaks down collagen as you get older and it doesn’t replenish its stores. The theory behind the injection is that by injecting more collagen into your skin, you can restore the strength of the skin and create more volume, giving a younger fresher looking appearance.

The collagen injections are injected like Juvederm Ultra into the contours of the face that need the treatment. However, the results of collagen injections are short lived compared to Juvederm Ultra as they only last about four months. Juvederm Ultra has been proven to last for up to a year and thus is the more popular treatment.  They have similar side effects and treatment procedures and can even be used as conjunctive treatments. However, the same line should not be injected with both injections.

Juvederm Ultra versus other hyaluronic acid fillers

There are a number of other dermal fillers on the market that work by injecting hyaluronic acid into the surface of the skin. At present, Juvederm Ultra is proven to be the most superior for it is the only injection with proven results of up to a year. Studies have also shown that it is so popular mainly because of the lack of pain associated with the treatment. 95% of patients preferred Juvederm Ultra to other hyaluronic acid fillers because it contained an anaesthetic that would numb the area upon injection and thus there was little pain involved.

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