Treatment Process for Juvederm Ultra Smile

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If you decide that you are going to have the Juvederm Ultra Smile treatment to correct your lips then the process is very similar to any other Juvederm Ultra treatment. Firstly, the area will be cleansed to ensure that there is the smallest risk of infection possible. The injection itself it very thin and therefore there is less chance of infection because it is a very small hole created through the skin.

The area may also be wiped with an anaesthetic cream. This is not necessary as the injection itself contains anaesthetic but it may be useful in ensuring you experience the least pain possible. The anaesthetic practitioner will then proceed to inject the areas that need treatment. The whole process is carried out through local anaesthetic so you will be awake throughout the procedure. You will not be given a general anaesthetic for this form of treatment. The injection is given through a hypodermic needle to insert the hyaluronic acid into the layers of your skin. The anaesthetic within the injection will numb the injection site within seconds so all you should feel is slight discomfort.

Once you have been given the injection, the practitioner will massage the areas around your lips and your lips themselves to ensure that there are no lumps of hyaluronic acid and give the skin a smooth finish. The whole process will last approximately 30 minutes depending on the amount of treatment you have requested. Once finished, ice will most likely be applied to the area to minimize the swelling and potential bruising.

After the treatment, you should be able to leave straight away. There might be some temporary bruising and swelling but you should be able to see the results immediately. There is no need for you to take any time off work and the whole area should be back to normal after one week. The results of the treatment should last for up to a year as your body will eventually metabolize the new supply of hyaluronic acid. If you think you need to use pain medication, speak to your doctor.

You should also not purse your lips, suck, kiss or smoke immediately after the treatment as these motions are what has caused the wrinkles that have just been corrected. It is important that you also arrange a follow up appointment, for two weeks after the treatment so that the practitioner can check that your treatment has been successful and that there are no complications. If complications do arise, contact your doctor immediately.

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