Late Periods

There are a number of reasons as to why your period can be delayed. Some natural cases can make your period late by a few days, few weeks, few months, and even in some cases, a few years.

Why do I get late periods?

  • Change of schedule – changes can make a shift in your body to try and adapt to the change. As a result, your periods may be late or you may miss one
  • Stress – stress can alter how your body functions, changing the amount of hormones you release such as the hormone which causes women to menstruate 
  • Menopause – this is the natural end to your period which normally happens in your mid to late forties, and into your fifties. Your periods may become sporadic until they eventually stop
  • Pregnancy – very self-explanatory as when you are pregnancy you will have a little baby growing inside your uterus
  • Being underweight/overweight – either sizes can stop your period as having too much body fat or too little can cause hormonal changes which cause your period to be late or stop completely

What are the consequences?

If you have a late period, it is probably temporary and soon you will be back in your normal cycle. However, missing a period can be an uncomfortable and inconvenient process because of the uncertainty of when you will get your period again and the disruption to your normal hormonal cycle.

On the other hand, sometimes late periods may be a signal that you will not have your period again for a long time or never again, due to reasons such as pregnancy and menopause. Also, if you are too underweight you are at risk of never having a period again if you cannot return your body to a healthy size, which could result in having an abnormal hormone balance and not being able to have children.

Choosing to have a late period

Late periods can be a bit of a nuisance, but sometimes they can be a blessing. You may decide that you want to delay your period because of a holiday or a special occasion where having your period would be an inconvenience.

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