Norethisterone & Weight Gain

Weight gain is something that we do not want to experience unless we have to. And I am not referring to the way it makes us look, but weight gain can damper confidence, makes us feel tired, and can generally create a more pessimistic attitude. Unfortunately, there is a link between Norethisterone and weight gain as weight gain is one of the possible side effects. But not all hope is lost, because a few changes to your general day to day life can make a great difference to your emotional and mental state, not just your physical.

What to do if I gain weight when I am on Norethisterone?

Well, there is nothing you must do. It may help some people to change their lifestyle temporarily as they want to shed a few extra pounds, or to boost their emotional and mental state to a high as more exercise and good food does this regardless of why you are adapting a more active lifestyle.

Making the changes

There are a number of changes which you can implement into your daily routine to help you deal with your weight gain. These include:

  • Good nutrition – sweets, chocolates, biscuits and crisps can be swapped for some healthy food, such as fruit, nuts, oatcakes and veggie sticks
  • More exercise – even if it is just getting out your house and power walking, that is still exercise and it will do you lots of good. Try to do make sure you do 30 minutes of exercise every day that increases your heart rate
  • Plenty of water – swapping high calorie and sugar drinks with water will make you feel better and more hydrated while keeping your weight down
  • Eat breakfast – this age old trick is perfect. Try eating a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast or wheat toast, two great ideas as a big filling breakfast will make you less likely to snack throughout the day

All these different changes can make a vast difference to your body, helping you deal with your weight gain physically, emotionally and mentally, and in a healthy way.

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