Norethisterone on the NHS

Norethisterone is an effective drug that can help delay your periods for whatever reasons you might have for needing to delay them. It may seem like all your prayers have been answered, but there are still questions that need to be addressed. Most prominently, where and how can you get a hold of Norethisterone?

Can you be prescribed Norethisterone by the NHS?

Thankfully, the NHS will prescribe Norethisterone to treat Menorrhagia in the form of 5 milligram tablets. This can be prescribed by your local NHS doctor’s surgery, and can be collected from most pharmacies. NHS will not prescribe the pill if it poses any danger to you or someone else as Norethisterone is not appropriate for everyone.

Rules that the NHS put on their prescription medicines

The NHS has tight regulations regarding the prescriptions they give out to patients. This is to ensure the safety of their patients and of others. The main rules include:

  • You must use the medicine only for the prescribed medical reasons stated
  • You must not share your medicine with other people as it could have negative effects on them
  • Similarly, you must not take other people’s medicines
  • You must keep the medicine out of reach of children
  • You must keep the prescription medicines in an appropriate storage space
  • You must follow the guidelines set by your prescriber about how much of your medicine to take and how often to take it

It is important to follow these guidelines in order to maintain a safe and healthy working body and environment for yourself and others around you. The NHS provides a good service, but we must be responsible and respectful to their regulations about prescribing Norethisterone so that you can use the drug effectively, efficiently and safely.

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