Results of Biliopancreatic Diversion

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A biliopancreatic diversion will mean that a small section of your stomach is removed, this smaller section will then be attached to the bottom section of your small intestine, in turn meaning it bypasses a large section of your digestive system. The results of this surgery mean that your diet will substantially change, and will reduce the amount of food you consume, therefore resulting in large amounts of weight loss.

Physical Results

Biliopancreatic Diversion treatment is considered the most effective method of weight loss surgery overall, it is found to be the most durable and the procedure which produces the best results in relation to weight loss figures. Suggested figures show that in some cases you can achieve results of losing up to 90% of excess body weight during the first 12 months following the procedure, the average weight loss within 2 years following surgery is between 75 to 80%. It is most common that after the first year following surgery your weight loss will begin to slow down.

Medical Results

This type of procedure is classed as one of the most successful, and that goes to say for the medical benefits of surgery too. It has been shown that The biliopancreatic diversion is the most effective at reducing specific health problems which are effecting in a negative way by your obesity, You will see an improvement in medical issues such as type 2 diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems and fertility problems amongst others. These conditions are most likely to improve severely, and in some cases some of these conditions have been eliminated all together. There is a very rare chance of ‘Dumping syndrome’ which can occur regularly in other types of weight loss surgery, this is where your stomach or pancreas react to a certain type of food, or amount of food eaten and causes you to experience uncomfortable side effects. This is mainly caused because with this procedure the amount of food you can consume is less important, and you will find that bigger sized portions are acceptable.

Psychological Results

Whilst being classed as an obese individual you may find it hard to feel good about yourself and your life, however after treatment has been completed, you will rapidly undergo a changing lifestyle all hopefully positive of course. You will find that your self confidence and lifestyle improve and that you are much more confident in everyday situations that you may not have been comfortable in prior to your surgery. It has been known on occasions that whilst an individual is obese they can often find it hard to hold down a job, due to many reasons, however once your confidence begins to grow and your lifestyle improves many people have claimed it to be much more easy to enjoy a working lifestyle.

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