Biliopancreatic Diversion Risks & Complications

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Biliopancreatic diversion is one of the most complex types of weight loss surgery, which means if there are complications than repeat surgery will be necessary.   Part of the stomach is removed so the surgery is more complex than other weight loss surgery so therefore the risk of complications is higher.  There is a risk of leakages and if there are complications repeat surgery will be necessary.  It has been known for some patients to have many surgeries to correct the complications due to the rearrangement of anatomy with this method.  The surgery is not reversible so the patient needs to bear in mind that their stomach will always be smaller and their small intestines will be bypassed for life.  Repeat surgeries or surgeries or corrective surgeries which might be needed should there be any leakages or issues post surgery can be very expensive.  Patients can experience very smelly gas, which can be socially embarrassing.  Most patients have frequent bowel movements, which can also cause problems for some at work and when out socially.  Some patients can experience as many as eight bowel movements a day.  These can be controlled slightly by the types of food you eat, however it is important to include fibre in the diet post surgery.  The smelly gas usually becomes more manageable after a year of surgery, however for some patients it can persist for the rest of their lives.  Nutritional supplements are necessary with this procedure for the rest of the patient’s life so therefore patients have to be very diligent about taking them.  Eating enough protein is also very important as such a large amount of the intestines are bypassed protein and vitamin supplements will be necessary for the body to be healthy. 

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