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With any type of surgery, you will of course be nervous and it may help to ensure that your surgeon is qualified and experienced enough to complete the procedure successfully. Surgeons worldwide are required to obtain specific qualifications which require intense studying over a number of years. They will also have been required to train in this specific area, weight loss surgery, for a set amount of time. Qualifications may however be vary country to country.

UK Surgeons

All Surgeons with in the UK are required be associated with the Royal College of Surgeons, they will need to have studied for a large amount of time and will need to have specialised in weight loss surgery specifically for a certain amount of time. Your Surgeon will also be registered on the Specialist Register for Plastic Surgeons by The Medical General Council, which will represent that he is qualified and has attained a medical degree, they will be provided with a number when they become a member of this council, you may ask to see this if required. The more associations your surgeon is registered with the more experience it may show, as well as qualifications you will want to look into experience of the surgeon too, especially within the biliopancreatic diversion area, you may want to go with a surgeon who concentrates solely on this type of weight loss surgery. Once you are satisfied that the Surgeon holds the correct qualifications and experience, you well then need to see whether they work alongside a specialist team. This specialist team is just as important as the surgeon as they provide medical, physical, and psychological assistance to you throughout the procedure. The team will be made up of a dietician, specialist nurses as well as a psychologist, or at least have access to a psychologist or other assistance when needed. You will then need to ensure that most of all you get on with your surgeon and that you like him/her, this will ease the process and ensure your comfort throughout the surgery.

Surgeons in Other Countries

Most countries will of course require specific qualifications, as well as registration with specific associations and registers. This will vary from country to country, and of course will require in depth research once you have decided on the country you wish to visit when having surgery. Many online sites have profiles on all of their surgeons which will help in this area as you can first hand see what qualifications and experience they have, as well as where they are registered. The main qualification will of course be that the surgeon has studied and attained a medical degree, along with experience and qualifications in the specialist weight loss area.  As well as looking into the surgeons qualifications, again you will need to ensure that a qualified specialist team will also be on hand for you at all times. The team will consist of a dietician, specialist nurses as well as access to psychologists. Ensure as well that you are comfortable with the whole team, and that you are satisfied with the quality you will be provided with as well as their previous success rates. This area will of course require in depth research as you will need to ensure satisfaction and quality of the surgery and the team prior to your arrival in the country.


Clinics will often post detailed profiles of their surgeons, under headings like ‘meet Dr Smith’ here all of the information needed will be given to you. You will find a list of Qualifications as well as what type of associations the Surgeon is registered with. It will also give you an insight into the past experience of the surgeon, and the duration that they have been qualified as well as specialised in the particular area. It is also recommended that during your consultation you ask specific questions which relate to this information, such as how long have you been qualified? Where did you train? You can also ask about past procedures, and whether complications or severe damages have ever occurred. This will help you to build up a profile on the surgeon and the specialist team, which will influence your choice of surgeon and clinic.

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