Duodenal Switch Abroad

Surgery abroad is very appealing to many as it often offers savings of a few thousand pounds. If you are considering the surgery abroad you will need to look into many aspects when researching the clinic and country you will choose . Conducting this research can often be quite lengthy and complicated, and will mainly be done online or over the telephone, this can be daunting for some people, so some clinics will offer a consultation within the UK, but this will often be chargeable, usually around £100. You will be required to meet specific requirements to qualify for the surgery, however these are often less lenient as the ones you are required to meet in the UK.

What requirements do I need to meet?

Duodenal switch surgery is often used for candidates who have a really high BMI, over 50, this is because it is the most successful for extremely obese patients. You will however be considered if your BMI is above 40, or above 35 if you suffer from any type of medical issue which can be improved with adequate weight loss. Some clinics abroad may consider you if your BMI is above 30, however you should be careful as these guidelines are set out to ensure your safety and the lower your BMI the more at risk you could be of complication. Clinics will be slightly more lenient with the guidelines you need to meet as it is only recommended that they follow international guidelines. However other clinics will follow the guidelines strictly, and you will also need to prove that you have worked hard in the past when trying to lose weight, and that you consider weight loss surgery as your last resort. You will also need to demonstrate that you are ready and prepared to change your lifestyle, and to adapt your eating habits as well as exercise regime.

What support will I receive?

You will of course have access to a specialist team during your procedure and whilst in the country, these specialists will assist in all aspects of the surgery and will help you with any worries, complications or problems you may have. They will draw up routines for you to follow on your return to the UK, and this is where sometimes it can become complicated. Many clinics will offer you a 24 hour telephone service which you can contact with any problems, however if you have a specific emergency you will be unable to attend the original clinic in which your surgery was completed in, and you will not have access to your specific surgeon if a complication is needed to be resolved. Most clinics abroad offer a service on a weekly basis, when a specialist team member visits the UK they can visit you and assess your situation, these visits however can often be in high demand and you may not be of high priority if the check is not an emergency, you should ask specific surgeries how there aftercare packages work and what would happen if you required assistance due to an emergency.

How will I be required to pay?

The majority of clinics abroad will require that payment is made to them prior to your arrival in the country, usually around 28 days prior. This will usually be paid in full, however some surgeries may offer specific payment plans which can assist if you are struggling to afford it. You should be wary however when making this payment in full, as most clinics will not hold a consultation until the day before your operation, this can become complicated as if you haven’t assured that you meet all requirements some surgeons may still turn you down at this point. It is therefore wise to assure that you are 100% suitable for the surgery, you can be assessed by your GP or pay for a consultation with the clinic you choose in the UK these usually are held on a weekly basis somewhere in the UK and usually cost around £100, contact the clinic abroad as they will inform you whether these are held in the UK. You will also need to check what is included in your price package, whether it is just the procedure you will be paying for, or whether airfare and accommodation is provided. If these are not included you will of course need to shop around to find the best flight and accommodation prices available to you.

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