Duodenal Switch Aftercare & Recovery

You will be offered various aftercare packages with private surgery, as well as surgery abroad, the NHS usually provide you with the same aftercare package across the region. Usually you will receive 24 months worth of access to specialist advice and medical assistance, whereas some clinics will offer only 12 months. You will need to research into the type of package you will receive as it can assist the success and speed of your recovery from the Duodenal Switch procedure. The support you receive will influence your attitude and determination for weight loss and rapid recovery, and of course you will be a strong determining factor in your aftercare and recovery. You will need to follow strict advice, and complete exercise as well as following a strict balanced diet.

What type of aftercare will I receive?

It is important that you understand the aftercare package you receive may differ from clinic to clinic, many hospitals associated with the NHS will offer similar aftercare packages, and private clinics will offer similar aftercare packages to the NHS. You should research all aspects to see what will you will be covered for once your surgery has taken place. Most aftercare packages across the UK will be the same however some may differ so it is best to know what type of package you will be receiving. Most places offer:

  • Between 12 and 24 months worth of coverage
  • Access to a specialist support team
  • 24 hour emergency phone line
  • Descriptive information regarding new dietary advice
  • Advice on your new lifestyle
  • Duodenal Switch follow up blood tests

Many clinics will of course perform correctional surgery if it is the fault of the surgeon or specialist support team, you should look into this as well as what type of follow up tests are covered as some clinics require you to fund your own blood tests as well.

How can the Specialist team help?

The specialist support team will consist of:

  • Your Surgeon
  • Specialist nurses
  • Dieticians
  • Psychologists

These are the main four specialist members which will help with your aftercare, they each have their own responsibilities. Your surgeon will of course assess your development throughout with regards to the Duodenal Switch procedure they will be responsible for the success of the operation, and with dealing with any types of complications which may occur. The specialist nurses will assist with any medical problems you may have, and will spend a lot of time assessing your recovery and reducing any risk of complications and risks occurring. Your dietician will offer you support on your change of diet, and will help you to draw up a realist diet which you can follow for the foreseeable future. Access to a psychologist gives you assistance personally and will help to support you in your new lifestyle and will also help deal with the dramatic changes which will take place. Some aftercare packages will offer you access to a fitness trainer as well amongst other specialists this will obviously assist in the success, so it will be necessary to research into whom the specialist team is made up of when choosing a surgery.

What If my surgery was completed abroad?

When considering Duodenal Switch surgery abroad you definitely need to determine how your aftercare will be delivered to you, often clinics from abroad will send a specialist team member to the UK on a weekly basis to deal with checkups, consultations and general aftercare. Some clinics have a representative medical building somewhere within the UK which deals with all aftercare as well as which houses your aftercare support team. You should conduct as much research as possible into this area as your aftercare is extremely important, you should also consider the prospect of any complications occurring, what would happen if this was to occur? If the clinic abroad has a sister clinic in the UK to deal with any complications, perhaps it will not be so bad, however you will need to consider whether the cost will be covered and whether the staff there are trained to deal with such problems.

How long will recovery from the procedure take?

You will spend around 4 days in hospital after your surgery is completed obviously if any complications occur this stay will be extended; usually patients return home after 4 days, and they must follow strict advice to ensure fast and successful recovery. Most patients require between 3 and 4 weeks to recover fully and to get back to normal, you will find that if you follow a healthy balanced diet and rest as much as possible as well as performing light exercise you will recover within this amount of time. As long as you follow advice given to you, and us the support around you your recovery will be successful and you will be back to normal within around 4 weeks. You can then get to work on losing that weight and feeling much healthier within yourself.

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