Duodenal Switch Complications & Dangers

As with all weight loss procedures you will face some specific complications and dangers, guidelines are set out for you to reduce these occurring, however in specific individual cases sometimes a complication cannot be helped. The best thing to do is to familiarise yourself with any side effects you may incur, so that you can flag something up as soon as it occurs, if you think it is not a common effect of surgery. You will have assistance whilst recovering in hospital, and it is best to prepare yourself prior to the operation so you are ready to deal with anything should it happen.


Due to the nature of the surgery complications can occur with a Duodenal Switch, more so than with other types of weight loss surgery. As part of your stomach is removed and your intestinal route is adapted you may experience some complications, these include internal leaking of the stomach, and this will usually require additional surgery. You may also experience infection from the surgery, as well as stomach ulcers and blood clots. You may experience nutritional deficiencies due to the decrease of food absorption, this can lead to problems with your bones and health in the long run. It has only been noted that around 1% or less procedures result in death, and that it is a very small and rare risk, but you should be made aware that with any type of surgery this is a risk which could occur. This type of surgery cannot be reversed like other weight loss surgeries, therefore you should ensure that you are ready to adapt your lifestyle and follow strict rules for the foreseeable future.

How will I deal with complications?

During you hospital stay, usually around 4 days, you should familiarise yourself with what types of side effects are common and what aren’t this will help you to understand and become fully aware if any complications are occurring. You will of course be assessed on a regular basis during your hospital stay and after your have been discharged, this will also aid in finding any complications early and dealing with them. Your specialist team will help you throughout and it is necessary to point out they will be trained and will have experience in recognising the signs of any complications, so it is not solely up to you to determine if something is wrong. You will also have access to a 24 hour emergency phone line, and you will receive assistance via telephone if you are worried and cannot access your team. It is the best advice to follow any guidance given to you by your specialist nurses, surgeons, dietician and psychologist, this advice will ensure that your safety is of utmost importance. If you follow this guidance given to you, your recovery will be swift and successful and you will be able to adapt your lifestyle to a healthy one where you begin to lose weight and gain confidence.

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