Duodenal Switch Cost

Weight loss surgery can be quite expensive, and a duodenal switch is one of the more expensive procedures. When looking into the cost you have three options available to you, you can apply for surgery on the NHS, and the cost will be covered if you are accepted. Your second option will be to consider private surgery, prices vary depending on the type of clinic you decide on as well as the type of specialist team they provide you with. Your third option is to look at surgery abroad, this is often the most appealing as it offers the cheapest prices, surgery abroad however requires much more research than applying for surgery in the UK.


The National Health Service will cover the cost of your surgery if you are able to meet specific guidelines, your case will be studied individually by your GP he will then refer you to a hospital which conducts this type of surgery, you will again be assessed here and by a number of associations, who will ensure that you are a candidate who will benefit from the surgery, as well as remain safe and healthy throughout the procedure. To be considered you will need a BMI of 40 or above, if however you are suffering from a medical condition which can be improved by the surgery such as Type 2 diabetes, you will be considered if your BMI is above 35. With the Duodenal Switch procedure most patients will be considered who have a BMI of above 50, as this is where the greatest successes occur. As well as demonstrating the correct BMI you will need to show that you have in the past attempted all means of weight loss without any success. You will as well need to demonstrate the correct attitude; you will need to show that you are prepared to adapt your lifestyle drastically and that you will follow strict advice given to you.

Private Surgery

Many will consider going private for their duodenal switch procedure, this is down to many factors. You will be required to meet specific guidelines set out by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence; these requirements are followed across the UK and are set out with the patients health and safety at mind. It will also take into account how successful the procedure will be for you individually. The guidelines are followed by the NHS as well as private clinics. The cost of the procedure will be down to you to pay, and the price can vary, most clinics will offer the procedure at around £10,000 whereas other clinics can charge up to £13,500; this is where you will be required to conduct research into the specific clinics you are interested in, this will ensure you get the best deal for your money. Prices can vary due to the aftercare you receive as well as varying types of support that the clinic will offer you. Most private clinics will offer you a free consultation, this will be an ideal environment for you to enquire about the price the surgery is charging, as these consultations are offered usually free of charge, you will have no limit on how many you attend. Therefore you can weigh up all the options available to you once you have attended these consultations.

Surgery Abroad

The option of going abroad either to Europe or further a field is often very appealing, mainly due to the fact that you can usually save a few thousand pounds if you choose to have surgery performed abroad. Most clinics abroad will follow international guidelines which are set out and advised to be followed when assessing individuals for surgery. These requirements ask prospective patients to meet specific BMI values, as well as being able to demonstrate the correct attitude for surgery. This is to ensure you safety and suitability throughout the process. Some clinics however will take a slightly more lenient approach to these requirements and you may find it easier to be accepted for surgery abroad as oppose to in your own country. You will however find that a consultation with your chosen clinic will not be held to the night before your surgery, when you have already travelled to the country, this can cause issues as you may still be turned down at this point, and you will have already paid for the procedure, some may find it difficult to get a refund at this point. Therefore it is necessary to conduct as much research as possible into the clinic and country you choose , and if possible book a consultation in the UK prior to paying for the procedure. These consultations are often charged at around £100, however they will ensure you are a suitable candidate and will assist in increasing your confidence within the clinic which you will visit. Many clinics abroad have a specialist team member visit the UK on a weekly basis; these specialists will deal with consultations as well as follow up care for patients who have undergone surgery. Most surgeries abroad will ask you to contact them for a quote on your specific procedure, requesting a quote is free usually and will be done via telephone or email. You will find that there is a saving of a few thousand pound, and that many surgeries will offer different packages, some with just the procedure included, whereas others will offer airfare and accommodation inclusive of the price. However even with the price of accommodation and a flight on top of the surgical procedure, usually the price still comes in cheaper than undertaking surgery in the UK.

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