Duodenal Switch Results

With all types of weight loss surgery you are the main person who can achieve the best results possible. Throughout the procedure you will be given advice on the best ways to achieve weight loss, you will be required to alter your lifestyle dramatically, and you must show the determination and motivation to do so. You must understand that the duodenal switch procedure is not just a quick fix, it does of course require your hard work, however you will not be required to reduce your food intake as much as other surgeries. Which could of course be a benefit if you think you may struggle with that aspect. The surgery will affect you in many different ways, including physical, personal and medically.

Weight Loss

Statistics show that the majority of patients who undergo the duodenal switch procedure are able to lose between 75 and 80% of their excess body weight over the first year following the procedure.  You will also find that you are able to eat larger portions than other patients who have undergone a different weight loss procedure, this may benefit you if you feel it would be hard to adapt to eating small portions for the rest of your life. The amount of weight you lose is often caused by the individual, you must recognise that this type of surgery is not a quick fix; you will be required to work at losing weight. This means that you will need to follow certain diets and exercise regimes to assist with your weight loss, you will however, depending on your aftercare package, have access to assistance with your diet and exercise throughout your recovery. If you use all the support available to you and act upon guidance given your weight will drop as much as possible and your health will improve. Of all of the weight loss surgeries the duodenal switch procedure is often referred to as the surgery which offers the best weight loss results.

Medical Improvement

For any patient undergoing weight loss surgery once the weight loss begins medical benefits will begin to appear. Many patients who have issues which are affected by their obesity such as Asthma, back problems, infertility and heart problems will see sufficient improvements. Some patients who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood pressure amongst others have seen their problems near disappear over time. Around 90% of individuals see an improvement in their diabetes, as well as a similar amount for improvement of high blood pressure within patients. You will be able to influence this improvement within your medical health by following set guidance from your clinic, this will include eating a healthy diet, following exercise regimes, and taking nutritional supplements. If you have the motivation and determination to follow this advice you will find you get the most amount of satisfaction from the surgery.

Personal Lifestyle Change

For anyone who is not happy within their body it is a regular occurrence having low self-esteem or confidence. As you begin to achieve results following the surgery your confidence and self-esteem will begin to grow, you will also have access to psychologists who will help with this transition and who will listen to all your worries and assist in your personal lifestyle changes. Many patients report that with the first 12 months after surgery they have seen so much change that they never realised how amazing their life could be. You will find that not only because of the weight loss will you feel this, your body will also be much healthier as you will be following a much better diet as well as partaking in regular exercise, all of this will boost your confidence, and you will have much more opportunity available to you.

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