Private Duodenal Switch

Many people choose to consider Private clinics for their weight loss surgery; this will be down to a number of reasons. Private clinics offer various prices and you will need to research into the types of packages you are being offered from any surgery, this includes considering the type of team you will have access to, as well as looking at the kind of aftercare you will receive from your chosen clinic. You will be required to meet specific guidelines across the UK, which are set out by NICE (The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence). Private clinics often offer your first consultation meeting free of charge, this is a great opportunity for you to discuss these guidelines, as well as to understand what the clinic has to offer for you. Due to them being free, you can if you want to attend as many consultations as you wish, to ensure you find the right surgery for you.

Getting accepted

All of the UK follows specific guidelines which will determine whether you qualify for this type of surgery. You will need to be classed as clinically obese, usually with a BMI of above 40, or above 35 if you suffer from any type of medical condition which can be improved with adequate weight loss. For the Duodenal switch procedure it is often used on patients with a BMI of above 50, as it is one of the most successful surgeries for individuals who are extremely obese. If your BMI falls in any of the above categories you should be able to provide evidence that in the past you have attempted to lose weight through various methods, and that these methods have not provided you with a satisfactory outcome. You will need to be classed as fit and healthy for surgery, as well as personally demonstrating the determination to follow strict rules once the procedure has been completed, you will need to show that you are ready and able to achieve great results. As well as this you will individually be assessed on medical history and your mental attitude, all of these requirements are set out with your safety at heart. They are used to ensure throughout that you achieve the best results and that you remain safe and healthy.

What type of support will I receive from Private Health Care?

You will receive access to a specialist team which is made up of a Surgeon, specialist nurses, a dietician and a psychologist. These specialists will offer you support and advice prior to the procedure, as well as after. Your aftercare package will depend on how much you pay for the surgery, and can range from assistance for up to 24 months or for as little as 12 months. You should research into this area, and it is often worth paying a little extra to ensure you have aftercare for as long as possible. The team will be on hand to assist with any complications you may experience as well as any worries you might have.

How will I be expected to pay?

Many clinics will ask for payment in a variety of ways, these can include payment in full or varying price plans. A Duodenal Switch will usually cost around £10,000 but prices can vary with regards to what kind of aftercare package you may receive, or to how much the clinic thinks their surgery should be priced at with regards to type of surgery, specialist team, and experience they offer. Many clinics will offer you a specific price plan, some surgeries even offer no interest for the first six months, and obviously the shorter amount of time you take to pay the cost will result in a smaller amount of interest paid. The payment plans are designed to assist all individuals with the cost and to reduce stress as much as possible. If you choose a clinic which requires payment in full and you really cannot afford it you may wish to consider a medical loan or a loan from a bank, as long as you feel comfortable with taking out a loan and paying it back within the time allocated this could be another option for you. Therefore it is necessary to conduct as much research as possible into all the clinics you may consider, you can also ask as much information with regards to finance during your consultation. Private clinics often offer these consultations free, so this will help when you are building up a profile of research into specific clinics, you can use this information easily to compare with other surgeries, so you ensure you make the right choice for you both financially and personally.

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