Duodenal Switch Benefits

Any kind of weight loss surgery is of course only suited for those classed as clinically obese, if you do qualify for surgery, you will of course benefit. There are many ways in which having a procedure such as Duodenal Switch surgery, and not all of the benefits are just medical. You will achieve more than just weight loss and these changes will improve your life substantially.

Medical Benefits

Many people who undergo this type of surgery often also have a medical issue which can be improved by adequate weight loss. After the surgery is completed, you will of course begin to lose weight (as long as you follow advice given to you), this weight loss will improve your health and in some cases can eliminate specific problems all together. The types of issues weight loss surgery is known to improve upon are:

  • Heart problems
  • High Blood pressure
  • Infertility
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Back Problems
  • Asthma

Personal Benefits

Along with the weight loss will come an improvement within yourself, you will become more confident and your inner self will improve. Throughout the process you will have access to a psychologist, who will assist with the changes within your life. One of the main changes of course, will be the amount of weight you lose; this will automatically influence your personal feelings, lifting up your self esteem substantially. Many individuals have found it much easier to live their day to day lifestyle after surgery, and have often found that this rise in self confidence has led them onto have a much more successful life professionally as well as personally.

Weight Loss

The Duodenal Switch procedure is often considered for those who have a higher BMI, if your BMI perhaps is too high for other types of surgery, you may qualify for the Duodenal Switch, as it is considered to have the best results with patients who have a higher BMI, usually above 55. It is often more appealing as unlike other weight loss surgeries you don’t need to adjust the size of the meals you consume; you can often eat a greater deal than you can with other procedures. Figures show that often individuals lose as much as 80% if their excess body weight quite rapidly after surgery, everyone is however individual therefore statistics will vary and some people lose between 60 to 80% of their excess body weight. The amount of weight you lose is often influenced by your own actions and how strictly you follow guidance provided for you by the specialist team you are allocated with prior to the surgery. The weight loss is often left to the individual to use sheer motivation and work as hard as possible to achieve the greatest results possible. You will be provided with assistance for this and you will have clear goals set for you so that you can maximise your results.

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