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Aesthetics is the way beauty is evaluated.  Put simply, it is the application of generally agreed specifications for what constitutes classically beautiful.

In the context of cosmetic considerations and medical procedures, an individual will often become unhappy with some aspect of their appearance which either they or others deem to fall short of the benchmark for being aesthetically pleasing, or beautiful.  This can cause varying degrees of low self-esteem and unhappiness, ranging from mild irritation at the perceived imperfection to profound depression and self-loathing.  In an increasingly youth-obsessed, celebrity-fixated culture the standards of what is considered aesthetically pleasing are being raised ever higher, leading to greater anxiety and pressure to conform to often unrealistic concepts of beauty.   

Often individuals seek cosmetic surgery to ‘fix’ what they consider is a flaw in their appearance.  However, it is extremely important to be realistic in your expectations of what surgery can achieve for you, and also to ensure you are pursuing this course of action for the right reasons.  You need to make an informed choice and a psychologically sound one.  Thorough and constructive consultation with your cosmetic surgeon can help achieve this.