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Liposuction is a well known procedure that removes unwanted fatty deposits from the body using surgical procedures.  Unfortunately sometimes exercise and diet alone will not reduce certain areas of body fat, and it is in these instances that liposuction can be utilised, pinpointing certain areas for fat removal.  With advances in liposuction techniques, greater accuracy can now be achieved allowing liposuction to not only remove fatty deposits, but also to reshape and contour areas of the body.

Why People Want Body Fat Removal Treatments

There are certain areas of the body that are notoriously difficult to shift fat from.  Even diet and exercise can have no effect, sometimes making the areas appear worse as they become out of proportion with other parts of the body that are losing weight. 

Problem areas include:

  • Hips & Thighs
  • Back
  • Underarms
  • Abdominal areas

Liposuction can target these problem areas and remove the fat cells that otherwise would continue to settle.  Everyone is unique in their expectations and requirements for liposuction, and as a result there are many differing options available to you.  Some forms are more appropriate for those looking to reshape their already relatively healthy bodies, whereas others are more suitable for larger areas of fat reduction.  No liposuction technique is a weight loss method, and for those who are considered severely overweight or obese, liposuction can only produce limited results.  It is important to discuss the many options available to you, as well as your expectations of the surgery, with your surgeon so that the most appropriate form of liposuction can be chosen. 

Reasonable Expectations from Liposuction

Liposuction can only remove a certain amount of fat cells safely, and the skin often can’t retract over the fat cells removed if too many are removed at one time.  When skin has been stretched it looses its elasticity and as a result an Abdominoplasty might be more suitable, where skin can be removed and stretched over the stomach, instead of liposuction.  Any results from liposuction could take up to 6 months to see, and it is imperative that in order to achieve any long lasting result that you stick to the advice given by your surgeon concerning diet and exercise following surgery.

Basic Liposuction Procedure

The technical basis for each liposuction procedure is very similar, despite the many differing forms of liposuction now available.  The area of the body that the patient and surgeon decide to remove the unwanted fat cells from, is mapped out.  Before surgery, you will be placed under either a local or a general anaesthesia, the area will be injected with tumescent fluid, and then the cells will be vacuumed out using a cannula.  Depending on the form of liposuction being used, various tools or energy probes might be used after the area has been injected with tumescent, to enable the greater break down of fat cells.

Types of Liposuction

In the past liposuction as a form of cosmetic surgery, was performed ‘dry’.  This means that no injections were used, and no additional fluids were inserted to help detach the fat cells from the surrounding muscle and tissue.  This led to high degrees of bruising and bleeding, meant that the procedure was highly traumatic to the body and involved a lot of effort from the surgeon.  Accuracy was weak because of the force needed to remove the fat cells and you would have had to have been placed under a general anaesthetic.  Liposuction, as a result of this, used to be quite an invasive surgery, requiring hospitalisation and a long recovery period.

Recently the ‘dry’ method of liposuction has been abandoned for ‘wet’ techniques that involve the injection of tumescent liquids into the area being treated before a cannula is used to suction out the fat cells.  This can be used in conjunction with different forms of liposuction. 

Laser Liposuction/Smart Lipo

This liposuction method uses lasers to liquefy fat cells and detach then from the surrounding tissues making them easier to extract.  This allows for less trauma to the body and subsequent shortened healing time. 

VASER Liposuction/VASER Liposelection

VASER uses ultrasound energy to break-up the fat, ready for removal from the body. This procedure has become widely used and gained increased popularity.

Power-assisted Liposuction (PAL) & Ultrasonic-assisted Liposuction (UAL)

In PAL, after the tumescent liquids have been injected the cannula is used with specific attachments which allow the greater ease of fat cell extraction.  These tools use different forms of vibrations to gently loosen the fat cells. The devices produce rapid, small vibrations, enabling easy suction. The UAL technique uses ultrasonic sound waves to loosen and liquefy the fat cells before they are removed.  This method has been used to remove greater amount of fat cells in a short space of time than other methods, and has reported high success in reshaping and body contouring.

As new techniques are advanced the length of time liposuction takes, and the recovery time necessary are significantly reduced.  There is a lot of choice with regards the different types of liposuction and it is a good idea to discuss all of these options with your surgeon.

Liposuction Recovery & Healing

Due to the individual nature of liposuction every patient will take different amounts of time to heal and to reach their final result.  As a general rule you will have to take everyday pain medication for the first couple of days after your liposuction procedure.  Sometimes your surgeon may require you to wear a pressure garment for the first couple of weeks after your surgery, but this is now only really necessary for people who have had intensive liposuction, the practice no longer being deemed entirely beneficial.  Bruising, swelling and bleeding may occur, but ought to dissipate over time.  The final result might take 6 months to appear, as your body continues to break down loosened fat cells for months after the surgery.  Depending on the type of liposuction you undertake you may need to take up to two weeks off work, although often people can return sooner than that.  It is important to follow the advice of your surgeon and not to rush the recovery period.

Potential Risks of Liposuction

As with any medical procedure, there are potential risks and with any procedure performed under general anaesthesia, there are additional risks.  However, due to the minimal invasiveness of modern liposuction, these dangers are greatly diminished.  Some of the risks involve infection, inflammation, discharge from the incision sites and inflammation of the veins.  Risks can be increased or decreased depending on an individual’s risk factors, such as previous health problems or certain lifestyle choices.  Many of these risks are readily treatable.  Your doctor will discuss with you any potential problems that may be present in your particular situation.

As you review your options, know that not everyone is a candidate for liposuction treatment.  There are now many liposuction clinics in London and throughout the UK, and more and more clinics are offering the surgery. The methods of treatment used will vary based upon the areas of the body to be treated and the results desired.  The best start is to ensure that your physician is an experienced and credentialed cosmetic surgeon. Liposuction can make a real difference to your life, giving you confidence in your body again.

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Liposuction Clinics in London


Dr Alex Chambers
London Clinic
62 Wimpole Street
Tel: 0207 099 2270
Details: The Dr Alex Chambers Medical & Aesthetic Practice Clinic promises a service that facilities smoother ageing by means of minimally invasive procedures that yield the best possible results. These can range from skin treatments to body sculpting surgeries, the aim at this clinic is to maintain your appearance and confidence as you grow older. The clinic specialises in such treatments as Vaser liposuction and gold filament rejuvenation, and offers this range of procedures at great rates out of a modern clinic fitted for the best care. The clinic's namesake, Dr Alex Chambers, has approximately two decades' worth of experience in her chosen specialist field. Her specific area of focus is cosmetic dermatology and hence is extremely knowledgeable about skin and its rejuvenation. She is joined at the clinic by Mr Davood Fallahdar, an experienced consultant plastic surgery who has practiced at prestigious facilities internationally. Both Mr Fallhadar and Dr Chambers work to provide a premium cosmetic care service at the Dr Alex Chambers clinic.
Cosmetic surgery & treatments offered at this clinic: Gynecomastia treatment, Vaser liposuction, mini liposuction, mini-face lift procedure, silhouette threads facelift, skin tightening, wrinkle minimising injections, dermal fillers, permanent hair removal, sclerotherapy vein removal, mole and blemish removal, semi-permanent make-up, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, Nlite Laser Therapy, ultrasonic skin treatment, galvanic skin treatment, sculptra rejuvenation treatment, skin rejuvenation with cytokines, mesotherapy, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, micro needling skin rejuvenation system, gold filament rejuvenation, and hand rejuvenation.

111 Harley Street

Harley Street
Tel: 0845 222 5111
Details: The Harley Clinic offers liposuction, a great way to remove fat from areas which are otherwise extremely difficult to lose weight from. These include the arms, inner and outer thighs, stomach, hips, buttocks, knees, and chin, that being said liposuction can in fact be performed anywhere on the body as necessary, and has the remarkable advantage of guaranteeing that once fat is removed from an area, it won't return! What this means is a lifetime of confidence and security, all available at one of London's premiere cosmetic clinics from '76 per month on one of many available finance options.

Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery

129 Harley Street
Tel: 020 7224 5434
Details: Liposuction is an extremely popular form of body resculpturing, and at the Aesthetic Cosmetic Clinic the service is offered at its best. The procedure essentially involves the removal of fat deposits which persist despite your best efforts in areas which are notoriously hard to lose weight in. These can be virtually anywhere and become quite a nuisance as despite your best behaviour, they won't shift. Liposuction is a popular solution as the procedure is simple, effective, and provides great results, giving you a slimmer appearance.

Aurora Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Centres Harley Street

10 Harley Street
West Minster
Tel: 01844 214362
Details: Liposuction is a popular procedure that gives men and women worldwide the bodies they want. How? By means of a hollow tube called a cannula, fat is suctioned away leaving you slimmer and the better for it. 10 Harley Street offers you alternatives to the original method of liposuction just described. Modern technology can allow for the use of ultrasound to dilute unwanted fat, similarly the use of water to dissolve fat prior to suction gives great results.

BMI Healthcare Fitzroy Square Hospital

14 Fitzroy Square
Tel: 020 7388 4954
Details: Liposuctions are one of the range of different cosmetic surgeries offered by Fitzroy Square Hospital. Due to a recent multi-million pound refurbishment, the facility can offer the latest in power assisted liposuction. Traditional liposuction involves simply suctioning fat cells by means of a hollow tube called a cannula, while power assisted liposuction makes use of vibrations to enhance the mechanical extraction of fat cells to adjust your body shape.

BMI Healthcare Garden Hospital

46/50 Sunny Gardens Road
Tel: 020 8457 4500
Details: The Garden Hospital's Mr Abhilash Jain, Mr David Gault, Mr Stephen Hamilton, Mr Ash Mosahebi, and Miss Christina Tattari are the surgeons involve sin liposuction, a life altering procedure available to you at a premiere facility. Liposuction is part of a number of body reshaping cosmetic surgeries that can vastly improve your lifestyle and self-esteem by restoring your body to its natural slimness and shape by surgically removing fat beneath the skin.

BMI Healthcare London Independent Hospital

1 Beaumont Square
Stepney Green
Greater London
E1 4NL
Tel: 020 7780 2400
Details: Liposuctions are also available at BMI The London Independent Hospital. A simple surgery in which areas prone to stubborn deposits of fat that can't easily be lost are targeted, a liposuction can achieve nigh on permanent results to reshape your body in a way that suits you and your needs. This reshaping can be dramatic and effective, and all it involves is the use of a fine hollow tube called a cannula to suck out unwanted fatty cells.

BMI Healthcare Marylebone Consulting Rooms

10-11 Bulstrode Place
Tel: 0207 9357711
Details: Consultations.

BMI Healthcare The Blackheath Hospital

40 - 42 Lee Terrace
Greater London
Tel: 020 8318 7722
Details: Mr Matthew James, Mr Anthony Attwood, Mr Peter Chapman, Mrs Jenny Geh, and Mr Amir Hosny are the consultant cosmetic surgeons working out of BMI The Blackheath Hospital to provide a superb liposuction service. These experienced surgeons are able to customise your treatment, tailoring it to whatever it is you wish to achieve through your liposuction, and then use the fantastic facilities available at The Blackheath to achieve remarkable results that the hospital guarantees will satisfy you.

Botonics Harley Street

111 Harley Street
Details: The 111 Harley Street Clinic offers the very latest methods of liposuction, including Smart Lipo, a form of laser liposuction that safely achieves great results. Performed under a local anaesthetic, you can walk in for your liposuction and walk out, and can be back to work within a couple of days. How is it different to traditional liposuction offered in other clinics? Well laser liposuction involves a hollow tube fitted with a fibre optic being placed into the target area, this fibre is manouvered through the fatty issue of the target area and delivers perfectly safe bursts of laser energy to disintegrate fat cells. The remnants of this stage are then suctioned away, leaving your other cells healthy while only fat cells are removed. The laser also stimulates collagen being produced by the skin, which tones and tightens your skin for an even better look.

Botonics Kensington

29 Kensington Church Street
W8 4LL
Tel: 0845 680 1964
Details: Liposuction provides a very targeted approach to weight loss by removing fat from specific areas of the body, typically ones from which it is hard to lose fat and which affect the contours of your body. These areas can include the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, cheeks, and neck. Botonics at 29 Kensington Street offer traditional liposuction, during which fat is removed by suction, alongside cutting edge treatments like Vaser liposuction, which involves the use of ultrasound to effectively dissolve fat and smoothen the process of its removal.

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Hogarth Club
Airdale Avenue
W4 2NW
Tel: 020 8747 4746
Details: The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offers one of the latest technologies available in liposuction. Advanced Laser Lipolysis is a huge step forward from traditional liposuction, and an improvement on existing laser liposuction technologies like Smart Lipo. Basically Advanced Laser Lipolysis involves a focused beam of high energy light called a laser to first bread down the unwanted fatty tissue in the target area, this is then removed by means of suction, and then finally the laser is used again to tidy up. The result is a much smoother result than traditional liposuction which is simply the suction of fat cells, there is far less post-operative bruising and discoloration when compared to other methods of liposuction.

Cosmetic Surgery Specialists Harley Street

40 Harley Street
Tel: 020 7580 8001
Details: Liposuction is offered at the Cosmetic Surgery Specialists as part of a service called liposculpture. You can have a liposuction on its own, where fat is simply suctioned away, or a more complete liposculpture, a refinement on the older procedure. During liposculpture a smaller cannula (hollow tube through which fat is suctioned) is used to remove fat closer to the skin, removing more fat and leaving your skin smoother than the more traditional liposculpture would.

Court House Clinic London

30b Wimpole Street
Tel: 0845 555 50 50
Details: The London Court House Clinic also brings together experienced surgeons and modern technologies to provide a liposuction service that far exceeds the standard. While traditional methods of liposuction are simple and straightforward, they can involve a great deal of post-operative pain and swelling as a surgeon simply attempts to suction away unwanted fat cells. What Court House Clinics use is an advanced method called Vaser Liposuction which utilises the energy of ultrasound waves to prepare fat cells for extraction. What these ultrasound waves do is effectively loosen fat cells that they may be removed more easily afterwards by suction through an extremely fine hollow cannula. The advantages of this method include, for example, reduced swelling and pain, as well as the use of much smaller surgical incisions made as unobtrusively as possible from which to draw out fat cells.

Dr Alex Chambers Medical & Aesthetic Practice

London Clinic
1-7 Harley Street
Tel: 0207 099 2270
Details: The London branch of the Dr Chambers Medical & Aesthetic practice can boast to being one of a handful of clinics in the UK fully qualified to provide Vaser liposuction, a cutting edge form of the traditional surgery that can reshape your body at minimal cost and impact. Whereas 'classic' liposuction involves simply suctioning out fat, Vaser liposuction utilises ultrasound energy to effectively dissolve fat cells, leaving them loose and ready for suction with a resulting minimum of bruising and pain, while also removing the most possible fat for the bet results.

Emblem House
London Bridge Hospital
27 Tooley Street
Greater London
Tel: 0 20 7935 3763
Details: Liposuction can be performed on men and women alike to achieve great results, streamlining the body in a manner both safe and efficient. The procedure, provided by Enhanceyourbody, removes fat from within the body in key areas where fat persists despite any amount of exercise and/or dieting. These fat deposits are genetically determined, and their removal by liposuction in such areas as the thighs, waist, and neck, can give you the contours your body naturally possesses. Removing fat from these areas also has the added advantage of being largely permanent as once removed surgically fat tends not to return to the targeted areas.

Linia Healthcare London

17 Harley Street
Greater London
Tel: 0845 230 1700
Details: Soft liposuctions are what the Linia clinic offers, a variation on more conventional forms of treatment that reduces post-operative pain and discomfort. It does this by first dispersing fat cells by means of solutions designed to achieve that end. A post-operative massage is also used to improve blood flow in the treated areas and hence minimise bruising, it also gives a smoother result than traditional forms of liposuction.

London Bridge Hospital

27 Tooley Street
Greater London
Tel: 0845 602 7906
Details: A large and established surgical service London Bridge Hospital offers liposuctions as part of its plastic surgery department. This surgery is almost synonymous with cosmetic surgery as it has been performed worldwide for years. At the London Bridge Hospital 's excellent facility liposuctions are performed to the highest standards set by the Care Quality Commission and expected by patients of such a reputable institution. London has a bustling cosmetic surgery market, and it is through excellence that the London Bridge Hospital makes itself known.

Nip n Tuck Surgery

27 Wellbeck Street
Tel: 020 7224 2242
Details: Liposuction is a body sculpting procedure that removes fat from specific target areas on the body. By removing fat from regions like the arms, thighs, necks, and waist, your surgeon can achieve remarkable results and give you a much slimmer body with which you will be undoubtedly pleased.

Queen Anne Medical Centre

18-22 Queen Anne Street
Harley Street
Details: Not listed.

Surgicare London at Welbeck Hospital

27 Welbeck St
Tel: 08000 461000
Details: As a leading provider of cosmetic surgeries in the UK, SurgiCare naturally offer one of the nation's most popular procedures, the liposuction. At SurgiCare you can expect the best care imaginable at the hands of staff who are more than able to meet your needs and give you the body you want.

The Cosmetic Clinic London

65-72 The Strand
Tel: 08000 12 10 12
Details: If you want a new, slimmer body, then there is no substitute for healthy diet and regular exercise. However these means are sometimes not enough to get rid of fat that accumulates in specific deposits in places like your chin and abdomen. The only way to really get rid of these deposits is through a liposuction surgery, a simple targeted approach which restores your body shape by getting rid of fat that conventional means alone can't get rid of.

Transform Cosmetic Surgery Enfield

Cavell Drive
Uplands Park Road
Tel: 0800 655 6406
Details: BMI The Cavell Hospital is home to Transform Cosmetic Surgery's Enfield Clinic. The hospital is run by one of the nation's leading private healthcare providers, and Transform makes use of its state of the art facilities to deliver its liposuction surgeries. An excellent treatment that removes excess fat to slim you down, liposuctions are extremely popular amongst men and women over a range of ages.

The Harley Medical Group Chiswick

93a Chiswick High Road
W4 2EF
Tel: 0800 085 4984
Details: Consultations and non-surgical treatments.

The Harley Medical Group London

Marc House
Great St Thomas Apostle
Tel: 0800 085 4984
Details: Consultations and non-surgical treatments.

The Hospital Group - London Clinic

31 Weymouth Street
Tel: 0845 762 6727
Details: Consultations, non-surgical treatments, and after-care.

The Hurlingham Clinic & Spa

67 Studdridge Street
Greater London
Tel: 020 7348 6380
Details: Liposuction is a surgical means offered by The Hurlingham Clinic & Spa by which you can remove excess fat and achieve a tighter and toned body.

The Private Clinic Harley Street

98 Harley Street
Tel: 0800 599 9911
Details: Vaser Lipo is an advanced refinement of an already extremely popular surgery. Traditional liposuction has already provided countless men and women with its many advantages. While the treatment has an established safety record, it does involve some post-operative bruising and swelling which can is unwanted and can be unpleasant. Vaser Lipo minimises these unwanted side effects by effectively dissolving fat prior to suction by means of ultrasound energy.

The Private Clinic London

The Private Clinic
107 Cheapside
Tel: 0800 599 9911
Details: While there is no substitute for regular exercise and healthy, wholesome diet, these measures alone can sometimes not be enough to truly slim your body down. Particularly as adults, many of us will have deposits of fat which can only effectively be removed by way of liposuction, a surgery that targets these sites to restore you to natural slimness. Vaser Lipo, as offered by The Private Clinic, is an advanced form of liposuction, that can achieve remarkable ends.

The Private Clinic London Knightsbridge

Hans Place Practice
43 Hans Place
Tel: 0800 599 9911
Details: With so many weight loss and body contouring buzz words floating around, it can be hard to discern which surgery works best for you. At The Private Clinic, the latest Vaser Liposuction technology is used to achieve slimness and body contours that you will be happy with. This isn't a weight loss surgery, but rather a method by which your body can become slimmer and more shapely than ever before as the surgery removes deposits of fat under your skin that are otherwise stubborn and very hard to get rid of.

The Wellington Hospital

Wellington Place
St Johns Wood
Tel: 0 20 7483 5148
Details: Liposuction is basically the surgical removal of localised fatty deposits, and can achieve superb results in terms of your body's contours and shape. Suitable for men and women alike, liposuction at The Wellington Hospital can target many different areas, most often the face, neck, thighs, abdomen, etcetera, and tends to be performed under a local anaesthetic. You may be asked to stay a night for observation, but in many cases the surgery can be an outpatient procedure, making it an easy and convenient way of getting a slim body.

Transform Cosmetic Surgery Finchley

7 Dancastle Court
Arcadia Avenue
N3 2JU
Tel: 0800 655 6406
Details: Liposuction can achieve long term results as when the surgery removes specific deposits of fat from locations around the body, fat will not return to these areas unless there is significant weight gain. What this means if that if you maintain a healthy lifestyle after your liposuction, you can maintain a slim shape which you like.

Transform Cosmetic Surgery Fulham

Nightingale House
1-7 Fulham High Street
Tel: 0800 655 6406
Details: At Transform Cosmetic Surgery liposuction surgeries are used as a means by which to remove specific areas of fat from such areas as the thighs, abdomen, arms, and neck. When fat collects in these areas it can compromise your natural shape and prove difficult to get rid of by simple exercise and dieting.

Transform Cosmetic Surgery on Cavendish Street

Cavendish House
55 New Cavendish Street
Tel: 0800 655 6406
Details: Expert surgeons perform liposuctions out of Transform Cosmetic Surgery clinics. The procedure involves your surgeon creating a small incision through which a saline solution is passed to dissolve fat cells, once the fat is sufficiently dispersed, a hollow tube called a cannula is passed into it to suction up that fat and leave you in better shape.