Nipple Reduction Surgery in London & UK

Nipple reduction surgery is now a common place procedure which is available at hundreds of clinics all over the country. The surgery normally involves removing the excess part of the nipple which you are unhappy with. This is done by making tiny cuts into the nipple and removing little pieces at a time. After the excess skin within the nipple has been removed the nipple is then shaped to the size that you will have previously discussed with your surgeon.

The majority of people who had this surgery do tend to be women who feel uncomfortable with the change in their nipples after breast feeding. However the surgery is also available for men who are uncomfortable with the size and shape of their nipples as well. With male nipple reduction it is normal that this surgery goes hand in hand with the male breast reduction surgery as it is often the breast tissue that is emphasising the nipples.

The nipple reduction procedure

This procedure is gaining popularity because it is quite a simple one with little pain and a relatively small recovery period. During the procedure it is normal to only be put under local anaesthetic although some surgeons do prefer to use general anaesthetic, this will usually be affected by the severity of the nipple which is being reduced. On average the procedure only tends to last around an hour and most patients are able to leave hospital on the same day as the surgery. If the surgery is problem free you should expect to be feeling fully recovered at around 14 days after the procedure.

Risks and side effects of the nipple reduction surgery

Even though the nipple reduction procedure is one of the more simple cosmetic surgeries there are still some risks and side effects that you should be aware of before going ahead with the surgery. Most of these risks only occur if there has been a complication with the procedure these side effects include infection, scarring and bleeding.

As well as these risks from complications there are also some long lasting side effects which could occur. These side effects include problems like not being able to breastfeed after the surgery and the nipples looking uneven due to one nipple being reduced further than the other.

Recovery period after the nipple reduction surgery

If the surgery goes to plan there is not much for you to do during the recovery period. The most important thing to consider is that you are keeping the nipples clean and infection free as infection can cause devastating side effects.

Most patients feel a little tender and sore after the surgery but this should only last for a few days after the procedure has taken place. The nipples may also look larger than what you wanted but you should not worry as this may be down to the post surgical swelling. This swelling should go down in a couple of weeks if there are no extra problems. It is normal that your surgeon will also prescribe you some medication to help with these pains and soreness. After the nipple reduction surgery you will also have to wear a dressing over the nipples to keep the wound clean and dry. The upmost care must be taken with this dressing as this can help you to have the best results possible from the procedure.

For a few weeks after the surgery your scars from the nipple reduction may look inflamed, but again if no infection occurs within 6 to 8 weeks the scars should become unnoticeable.

Cost of the nipple reduction surgery

Most surgeries like to offer an independent quotation for each potential patient as the price varies due to the amount of skin tissue that needs removing. Although the average cost for the nipple reduction surgery starts at around £1,000. When choosing the clinic you should research what is included in the total price of the procedure. It is vital that you know if all post surgical care is included and if there are any hidden costs that you may have to pay after the surgery.

Different types of nipple reduction surgery

There are various different surgeries when reducing nipples. These include reducing the length of the nipple, the width of them or the volume. Before having your initial consultation with your surgeon it would a good idea to first think about what you want your nipples to look like and what it is that you dislike about the way they look now. This is important as this could affect the price of the procedure and how your nipples will end up looking.

The length of the nipples is normally a concern for women who have breast fed their children as this can stretch the nipple. The patients who want the length of the nipple changed normally have droopy nipples or they have nipples that are too noticeable when wearing certain types of clothing.

When the width of the nipple is changed it is a different type of procedure, this is because a section has to be taken out of the middle of the nipple and then the nipple tissue will then grow together therefore decreasing the width. In this procedure some dissolving chemicals are used to get the end results.

Most surgeons do claim that that this procedure has permanent results so you do not need to have the surgery for a second time. Although it is important to think about the way which your body may change, for example if you have children this could again change the shape of the nipples.

Positive reasons for having nipple reduction surgery

Nipple reduction surgery is now so popular because of the many positives that the surgery has. Firstly the nipple reduction surgery can improve your mental health by improving body confidence and reducing stress and anxiety that may have been caused by the condition.

Practical reasons for having nipple reduction surgery

One of the most common reasons for having the nipple reduction surgery is that the size and shape of your nipples affect the clothes you wear and your general self esteem. Another practical reason for having the nipple reduction surgery is that it is a cheaper alternative to having other sorts of breast surgery. It is also less intrusive so you will have not have to have a long recovery period and the risks and side effects tend to be much less severe.

For both men and women the nipple reduction surgery can be a simpler solution to being happier with their breasts without having the more intrusive breast enhancement surgeries. This is because something as simple as reducing the size of the nipple can for men make the breasts appear to be more masculine and for women it can help to create better formed breasts. The nipple reduction surgery can also act as a half way house to having intrusive breast surgery as it can allow you to fully understand the way you want your breasts to look and the also the best way to go about achieving this.

One of the positive reasons for having the nipple reduction surgery is that there are several ways of amending the nipples. You can choose either the length reduction, the width reduction or even at times you can choose to have both. The fact that there are options allows the surgery to be tailored to your exact needs. The surgery also tends to be permanent and so you only have to go through the procedure once to maintain the desired look.

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