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As we age we learn to dress to flatter, covering up and disguising those parts that are less appealing. The neck is, unfortunately, an area of the body that is less easily disguised or hidden away. That’s not to say we can’t try. Scarves can hide some signs of what some people call a “turkey neck” or a “turkey waddle,” but is it really possible for a man when wearing a shirt and tie to hide his jowls with a scarf? Does a woman really want to be forever wearing a scarf? No, not at all.

With a neck lift no longer would “turkey neck” apply to you. A neck lift can leave you with a smoother, tighter neckline with your skin following the contours of your body.  Most importantly, a neck lift can make you look younger and as if you have lost weight. This often results in an increase in self-esteem, because you feel at ease with yourself, and, perhaps, you feel attractive when you once did not.

Be Realistic

You must, though, approach neck surgery, as with all cosmetic procedures, with a realistic attitude. A neck lift is not permanent and will not give you back your youthful looks, though it can make you look younger. There are risks too. A neck lift is, after all, surgery, and surgery always entails some danger. This you must not forget because it will give you courage with your research and consultations. When you feel awkward questioning a surgeon’s abilities face-to-face, remembering that you are talking about surgery, your surgery, will give you the nerve to verbalise that query and any other question, no matter how silly you feel it is. This is important for ridding yourself of that jowly or wrinkled neck. An honest and easy relationship with your surgeon will mean a better outcome for you. If you can talk easily together, your surgeon will better understand your desires for surgery and what you want achieved. This means he or she can suggest procedures or discount others. 

Types of Neck Lift Surgery

There are two main neck lift procedures. There is the cervicoplasty and the platysmaplasty. The cervicoplasty reduces the amount of loose, sagging skin, whilst a platysmaplasty tightens the neck’s muscles. Whether both are needed will depend on your needs.

Do your Research

Before deciding on the surgery though, and perhaps before even contacting your GP or a cosmetic clinic, you must undertake research so that you are as informed as possible. You must know who has neck lifts, if it’s suitable for you, what the procedure entails, what preparation and recovery involve, how much it costs and who will pay for it.

Are you Suitable for Neck Lift Surgery?

After discovering all this you can then decide whether you have the will and the means to follow the process through to its finish. For instance, during the initial recovery you will mostly be house-bound. You also cannot wash your hair for two weeks, because the suture cannot be submerged in water (due to the chance of catching infection). Not only this, but you cannot partake in any strenuous activities for around a month. This means that if your job requires taxing effort on your part, you cannot work for a month or so after your surgery – and that is if your surgery is without complications.

Paying for Neck Lift Surgery

Time taken off work is one reason to know the rough costing of neck lift surgery before planning to go ahead with the procedure. It is always good to be savvy when it comes to dealing with the costs of cosmetic surgery, because extras are quickly added on. You may start with one procedure then add another one. This will mean more time is needed in the operating theatre, the surgeon’s time is then needed for longer, and perhaps more medications are required or extra nursing care vital. All these things are billable. There are different methods of paying for a neck lift though, and sometimes clinics offer payment plans so enquire after you have researched the procedure thoroughly. Remember to research medical tourism also, because cosmetic surgery can be cheaper abroad.

As you can see, quite a bit of preparation and energy is needed even before your first consultation. This is why you need to know whether you are a suitable candidate for neck lift surgery. You must be physically fit and mentally stable. You need to be realistic and you need to have enough cause for a neck lift to carry you through all the stages of the procedure. For some it’s simply the unhappiness your neck causes, for others it’s the thought of wearing that low-cut, little black number once you’re healed and recovered. Whatever gives you the energy it must be enough to face quitting smoking or emotional lows post-surgery. In the end, though, the happiness and confidence that you gain from your successful surgery often means the process was completely worth it.

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