Buttock Implants in London & UK

Thanks to the many miracles of modern medicine, you have the option of safely and effectively changing any parts of your body that you are unhappy with, and this includes your buttocks. If you find yourself less than pleased with the appearance of your buttocks, then buttock implants may be the option for you.

What is a buttock implant?

A buttock implant is basically a piece of specially manufactured shaped silicon that is surgically placed into your buttocks to alter their appearance. The purpose of an implant is to provide a fuller shape. Because you use your buttocks all the time and they must bear the brunt of your body weight when you sit down, their implants need to be stronger than standard breast implants, and so they are made of a specialist substance that doesn’t leak. Some people opt for buttock implants alongside a procedure called ‘liposculpture’, which is essentially the removal or rearrangement of fat in an area to alter its appearance.

How is a buttock implant placed?

Like any other implant, a buttock implant must be inserted by surgical means. This isn’t as daunting as it sounds however, as the procedure is quite straightforward. A small cut or incision is made above your buttock muscles, more properly called the Gluteus Maximus, and the implant placed by means of this incision. You may be worried about the potential for scarring from this, but rest assured that the incision wound heals quickly and is all but invisible about a year after surgery. The procedure usually only lasts about an hour or two, and typically you will need a couple of days after the procedure to recover.

Who conducts buttock implant surgeries?

Buttock implants are a cosmetic procedure and hence not provided by the NHS.  What this means is that if you are looking for buttock implants, you will have to make your enquiries in private practice. There are many licensed and fully qualified cosmetic surgeons in the UK and abroad, and these are the individuals who would conduct the implant surgery for you. A cosmetic surgeon is a specialist whose focus and area of expertise would be procedures like these, and so finding an experienced and reputable cosmetic surgeon is vital to getting the quality treatment you’re looking for.

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