Cosmetic Surgery Compression Garments (Support Garments)

Cosmetic surgery support garments or compression garments, are used after many different types of cosmetic procedures to help speed up the recovery process after surgery.

Types of compression garments

There are numerous different types of compression garments and you can usually find an appropriate one for nearly every type of cosmetic surgery. Compression garments have been proved to reduce the swelling and bruising after surgery and it is also claimed that they can help to quicken up the recovery period. Compression garments are not just specifically designed for women, they are now also widely available for men, and the countless new and up and coming cosmetic procedures that men are choosing to have. Compression garments for men include male breast reduction garments, compressing body shorts and even full body suits for men who have several procedures done at once.

Most surgeons or GPs do recommend the use of compression garments after surgery, even if it is just wearing a highly supportive sports bra or a tight t-shirt. However it is widely accepted that the specially designed compression garments will work better as they are purposefully designed to help the healing process of cosmetic surgery. 

Availability of surgical compression garments

Compression garments are widely available all over the country and there are numerous internet web sites that are entirely dedicated to providing these garments. Although it is worthwhile remembering that for some of the garments that are available you will need to have a doctor’s prescription due to the level of compression that it will give. It is common that your surgeon may write you a prescription for a compression garment after your surgery if one is needed.

Cost of surgical compression garments

The cost of compression garments do vary greatly. The price depends on the size of the garment and the level of compression that you need. The prices can start from anywhere around £20 for a supportive post surgical bra for breast augmentation, to well over £100 for a full body support garment after liposuction or any sort of lower body cosmetic surgery. Listed below are just some of the many different types of compression garments that are available;

  • Masks for face lifts
  • Breast augmentation bras
  • Liposuction girdles
  • Compression sleeves for cosmetic arm procedures
  • Liposuction corsets

The best time to purchase your compression garment is prior to having your surgery so that you can wear the garment straight after the procedure has taken place. If your body size is going to change after the procedure you should ask your surgeon which size would be the best to buy. This will obviously be easier for those people who are having breast augmentation surgery as they will know approximately what cup size they will be post surgery. Most companies that sell compression garments do take this sizing issue into account and often sell garments that can adapt to the change in your body size.

Caring for your surgical compression garments

Prior to wearing your compression garments you should research the best way to take care of them. Most surgical compression garments have to be hand washed only and often there is a temperature limit of 25º C. You should never put your compression garments into the drying machine as this could shrink the garment and damage the fabric. Because of the fact that you are required to hand wash your garments and then wait for them to dry naturally, it is often advised that you should purchase at least two sets of every compression garment that you need.

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