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The male breast reduction surgery has seen a rapid increase in the last couple of decades and it is now seen as a commonplace procedure for men who are looking to rectify their enlarged breast condition. It has been estimated by various medical experts that this condition which is often thought as a taboo actually affects around 40% to 65% of the total male population. Lots of men choose to have this male breast reduction surgery to increase their confidence as having enlarged breasts can often make men feel like they are not masculine and this can lead to anxiety and even depression.

Causes of Enlarged Breasts in Men

Many men often find that they start to suffer from this condition in their teenage years or when they go through puberty as it is at this time in many men’s lives where the hormone levels in the body do increase and change. The hormone that could potentially cause enlarged breasts in men is estrogen and when this hormone increases in the male body it can cause an increase in the size and shape of their breasts. If you think that puberty has caused your enlarged breast condition then it is often advised that you should wait until your are in your mid to late 20’s before considering going ahead with the reduction surgery, as the breasts could reduce in size naturally over a small period of time.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Options

However if your enlarged breasts have not reduced in size by the time you have finished your teenage years then there are two available ways of having male breast reduction surgery. These options are liposuction or an actual removal of the enlarged breast tissue. These two options are often decided for you by a specialist surgeon as the severity of your condition will determine which option is the best for you. If your breasts are severely enlarged then it is common for the surgeon to completely remove the breast tissue and often the skin that surrounds the breasts to get the best result or on the other hand if your breasts are only enlarged a little then liposuction will often be the best option that is recommended. Both of these surgeries can give you long lasting results and it is very rare that you will have to have the surgery more than once to maintain the results.

Price of the Male Breast Reduction Surgery

As the surgery only has to be done once this also makes the procedure a long term one which will also mean that you only have to pay once. Plus with the average male breast reduction surgery in the UK only costing around £3,000 to £4,000 the reduction surgery when compared to other cosmetic procedures is quite a fairly priced one. There is also the opportunity for you to be able to go to a different country to have the male breast reduction surgery. It is especially common in the EU and because of this the prices are often cheaper although a lot of care must be taken when choosing a clinic abroad.

Recovery Time and Side Effects of the Male Breast Reduction Surgery

The male breast reduction surgery also has quite a low recovery time and if no side effects occur then there is also very little post operative care. This is because the stitches that are used are often dissolvable ones, which means that you do not have to return to the hospital to have them. This is a big positive for many men as the removal of stitches can often be painful and time consuming. It is extremely uncommon that you will have to have more than a week off work after the surgery and as long as you do not lift anything that is heavier than the recommend amount or do contact sport then you can go back to living your life as normal very soon after the breast reduction procedure has taken place. There are some side effects which you should learn about before having the reduction surgery so that you are fully prepared for any sort of problem which may occur after the surgery. It is important that you have painkillers and all the recommended medical supplies already in your home before having the surgery as you may feel too ill to be able to go out of your house in the first few days after the reduction procedure. 

Potential Risks of the Male Breast Reduction Surgery

There are a few potential risks that could be life threatening and so you must know when to contact your surgeon. These include things like feeling short of breath and having severe pain in your chest wall. It is commonly advised that if you do suffer from these risks then you should go straight back to the hospital to be checked over by your surgeon to ensure that the surgery is not causing you any unwanted problems. Also if you do not get checked over by a medical expert then you could run the risk of the scars not healing properly and then your breasts may not look the best that they could have done.

Suitability Factors for the Male Breast Reduction Surgery

There are some criteria’s that you have to pass to be able to have either of the two breast reduction surgeries.  Most of these are down to you, for example it is important to be a non smoker who is of a stable weight. The best candidate for this type of surgery does tend to be a younger man as their skin on average does heal faster than an older person, but you should not be put off by this as your surgeon may still be able to offer you the surgery. Your past and present health status is obviously another important factor when thinking about having male breast reduction surgery and some surgeons prefer that you should have a health check with your GP before going for your initial consultation.

Positive Reasons for having Male Breast Reduction

Many men who suffer from having enlarged breasts often suffer from anxiety, stress and depression due to the embarrassment that the condition can potentially cause. Because of this it comes as no surprise that one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for men is the breast reduction surgery. Because this condition can have such a negative effect on your quality of life the male breast reduction surgery can often the best way forward as it can help you to regain a healthy mental attitude about your body and it is a relatively simple operation with a high success rate.

Psychological Reasons for having Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Having this surgery can also improve your psychological state especially with body confidence and depression levels. Many men who have had breast reduction surgery have said that they feel that they can lead a normal life for example going on holidays and feeling comfortable enough to wear beach clothes. It has also been reported that the surgery can even help men to regain the confidence to be able to find a partner and to enjoy a healthy relationship.

The Positive Results of the Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Another positive reason for going ahead with the male breast reduction surgery is that once it is done the results are permanent. Having permanent results after one procedure is extremely unusual as many other forms of cosmetic surgery have to be repeated every other year to keep the desired results updated. Not only does this mean that you can forget about ever worrying about having enlarged breasts again, but also you will only have to have the risks and side effects of the surgery once and this obviously puts your chances of having complications at an extremely low level. 

Due to the procedure being permanent this then obviously makes the treatment an extremely cheap one with that one price lasting a life time. Plus only having to pay for one surgery can cut down on the chances of having hidden costs, for example not having to be reassessed by your surgeon to see if the condition has returned.

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