Pectoral Implants (Male "Boob Job" - Breast Implants for Men) in London & UK

If you are interested in perhaps having pectoral implants fitted then it is best to research into all aspects of the matter before you make your final decision. Surgery of any kind is a big step and with Pectoral Implant Surgery the results are permanent, which is a factor which highlights why you should be 100% sure and confident of your decision when going ahead with surgery. This type of surgery is not one of the most common plastic surgeries performed; however there are a number of men who find that they are hugely interested in this specific area. Pectoral implants are highly popular within the UK, and are used to enhance the appearance of a man’s chest, it should be noted however that after the implant has been fitted you will only be able to carry out tasks lifting the same amount as weight as before the operation, the implants in no way increase your strength.

Is this type of surgery common?

Pectoral Implant surgery is usually associated with men who wish to improve the masculinity of their chests. The Pectoral Implant procedure is used to enhance the look of the chest as well as increasing the size. It is usually required when men find it hard to achieve this result naturally through exercise or weight lifting. It can also be used as a solution when men do not want to put all the work in to gain the required result. Other reasons why men may have this surgery can be caused by specific disorders or conditions which may affect the chest muscles; you may also have experienced an accident which left your chest affected. Many men find that having Pectoral implants will boost their self confidence, and will increase their quality of life.

What options are available to me?

As this surgery is mainly associated with personal reasons it can often be hard to get funding through the NHS. You will need to provide evidence that you are looking into this type of surgery with the intention of it improving your life. If your chest is affected through a condition or as a result of an accident, or the look of it is causing you severe depression or self confidence problems then it may be possible to apply for the procedure on the NHS. You will however face a lengthy process as your case will be considered by a number of associations and you may find that there are a lack of clinics available who are experienced in such areas. If you fail to gain funding from the NHS or you simply do not want your surgery on the NHS then you have two other options available to you these are Private Health Care within the UK or surgery abroad. Prices will vary as will the quality of both the surgery and the aftercare; you should research thoroughly into each clinic that you consider, as well as considering the experience and qualifications of the surgeon.  Surgery abroad can often offer prices up to 80% lower than those found in the UK; however care should be taken when looking at what is covered for that price, as well as how any emergencies may be dealt with. A good idea is to create profiles for various clinics which you feel may offer you the service you require, you can then compare clinics with each other successfully and easily.

What factors should I bear in mind with Pectoral Implants?

You should ensure that you familiarise yourself with what will happen during and after the operation as this will allow you to prepare correctly and confidently for the surgery. You should also consider that with all surgery there will of course be certain risks and complications which may be associated; these can range from a risk of slight pain to infection to complications during surgery because of the anaesthesia used. As it is very rare that additional surgery is needed many men will find this surgical procedure appealing, you should consider however that on occasions complications do occur and this could cause additional surgery to be carried out if the implant is placed in the wrong place, or if it is not supported correctly.

Other things to consider

You should at all times ensure that you are as open as possible with your surgeon and their team this will ensure that they are aware of what expectations you have surrounding the surgery and its results, it will also reduce the risk of dissatisfaction following the procedure. As well as being as open and honest as possible concerning what you expect you should also provide an accurate medical history to ensure that it is safe for you to undergo surgery. It is essential at all times that you follow the advice given to you from the surgical team as at all times they are considering your safety and suitability. Ensure that your decision to go ahead with surgery is yours, and yours only, you must not have taken influence from anybody else as this can affect your feelings throughout the process as well as how you may feel once the surgery is completed. Pectoral Implants are designed to last for life and therefore it is a decision that is not to be made lightly you should consider all factors of the procedure and ensure that you are making the correct and the best decision for you. The majority of men following this procedure are extremely happy with the result and are glad that they went ahead with the decision, the majority of these men will have been given advice and guidance along the way from both medical professionals as well as friends and family. You should ensure that you have a large support network as this will reduce any excess stress which might be associated with surgery.

Suitability – Am I a Candidate?

Pectoral implants can be an option for you if you are disappointed with your look: if muscle building doesn’t affect your chest, you’ve lost weight, or you don’t have the time to vigorously exercise and build up muscle, then opting for cosmetic surgery could be what you need to do. The surgery will define your chest and remove excess fat making your pectorals more attractive and the surgery can make you a happier, more confident person.

Medical Conditions for the Male ‘Boob Job’

Pectoral implants are not only for purely cosmetic reasons, but also for reconstruction due to medical conditions. If you suffer from Poland’s syndrome, in which you live without a chest muscle on one side of the body, then a pectoral implant can provide normal definition where you once lacked it. Sufferers of gynecomastia are also suitable candidates of pectoral cosmetic surgery. This is because the medical condition literally produces male breasts (“man boobs”). You can imagine how this can truly affect self-esteem and general confidence.

Pectoral Implants

Women’s implants are made by either a saline solution or a silicon gel to produce the effects of a real life breast. Men’s implants are different: they’re made from solid silicon so that they feel like real chest muscle. These implants are positioned in the chest through an incision made in similar areas to those made in a female breast enlargement; entry is either in the armpit, the areola or the lower breast.

Pectoral Etching

Pectoral etching can be combined with implants or it can be used as an alternative to the implant procedure. For this practice, the edges of chest muscle are liposuctioned and then a fat deposit, called a ‘fat pad,’ is positioned on top of your pectoral muscle to make it appear more defined. Compared to implants, scarring is less visible with this procedure.

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