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The number of people undergoing cosmetic surgery is on the increase in Britain. This means that financing has become an important issue. The rise in the number of patients has paved the way for cosmetic surgeons to be more competitive with pricing, opening the market to a much wider audience. However, despite the falling prices, the cost of cosmetic surgery is still a daunting issue for many of those who are considering it. The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is life changing which is why more and more people are considering invasive surgery rather than cheaper, non-permanent options.

Getting an accurate cost for your cosmetic surgery

Before making the decision to undergo surgery you must find out exactly how much it is going to cost. In doing so you will be able to make an informed decision on how to fund your surgery. The best way to get an accurate figure is to visit a cosmetic surgeon for a consultation. A number of surgeries offer free consultations for those considering surgery. It is recommended that you visit more than one clinic in order to get a range of prices. However, you must bear in mind that cosmetic surgery is life changing, and therefore quality should always come before the cost. It is also essential that you are open with the surgeon about what you expect from the surgery. This will allow them to advise you on the best option saving you from post-operation disappointment and the cost of further surgeries. 

Options once you know the cost

Once you have an accurate idea of the cost of surgery, there are many options open to you to finance it. As with anything, the ideal way to pay for cosmetic surgery is to have the money upfront. This may mean saving before surgery by cutting back on certain expenditures and putting the money aside in a separate account. In order to do so you should have a realistic goal in mind. Whilst saving to pay for surgery upfront is recommended, it is not always possible to save up quickly enough. Therefore, there are other options for you to consider.

Some surgeries are available on the NHS. There are strict guidelines in place in order to assess whether you are eligible for free cosmetic surgery, on which your GP will be able to advise you. Whether or not you believe that you are eligible, for NHS cosmetic surgery, it is recommended that you talk to your GP before making your decision. Surgery on the NHS is rare and the waiting lists are usually long. Some people prefer to pay for the surgery themselves rather than wait to be treated by the NHS even if they are eligible.

If you are unable to pay up front for cosmetic surgery, and are not eligible for surgery on the NHS there are other ways to fund your surgery in smaller payments. One option is to pay for the surgery on credit cards. If you chose your card carefully, you can avoid paying high interest and some offer a period of no interest on purchases. The interest rate that you are offered is dependent on your credit rating. There will also be limitations on the amount that you can borrow depending on your income. Credit cards mean that you can pay a minimum amount each month giving you flexibility to decide how quickly you pay for your surgery.

Another flexible option is to take out a personal loan. If your credit rating is not excellent then personal loans offer a lower interest rate than some credit cards. Personal loans allow you to borrow over a fixed period over which you can make extra payments when you can.

If you have a poor credit rating, there are credit cards and loans that can accommodate for this. These have higher interest rates making your cosmetic surgery more expensive than the initial costs. It is therefore unlikely that this is a practical option for most people. You can find the best interest rates available using comparison websites.

Many clinics offer finance plans for cosmetic surgery. These allow you to pay a deposit before surgery and then make monthly payments of a set amount to complete your payment. This can be an ideal option if you can pay the final amount within a short period as many clinics offer interest free. It also provides flexibility as the payment plan will be created based on your income and credit rating. On the other hand paying for your surgery over an extended period of time could lead to high interest rates adding thousands of pounds to the cost of your surgery.

Options if you cannot afford cosmetic surgery in the UK

If you are looking for cheaper surgery then going abroad may be an option to cut down the costs. Foreign surgeries can provide value for money providing that you choose the right clinic. It is important to research any clinic and its surgeons before considering cosmetic surgery abroad. You should also chose a known clinic in a country, which has a governing body for cosmetic surgery. You must also be aware that neither travel insurance nor medical travel insurance cover the costs of cosmetic surgery and therefore you must still have funding in place before undergoing the surgery.

If you are still unable to fund cosmetic surgery other options are available to you. These range from cheaper options, which do not physically change your body such as control, wear to options that are more expensive. The more expensive non-surgical options such as Botox provide you with non-permanent results. Whilst these are cheaper than cosmetic surgery, the fact that they are non-permanent means that to maintain the look you will have to continue paying for them on a permanent basis, which could lead to mounting costs.

Overall, there are many ways to finance cosmetic surgery the most ideal being to save up before having the surgery. With all methods of financing surgery, the most important thing to do is to go for a consultation with a professional and ask for an accurate guide to costs.

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