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If you have loose skin that droops under your arms (often known as “bingo wings”) then you may be interested in having arm lift surgery. Arm lift surgery (known as brachioplasty) involves having an operation where your surgeon will physically cut out the sagging skin from underneath your arms. They will stitch your arms back up so that the skin around your arms is tightened and this will leave you with a thinner and smoother arm silhouette. The following paragraphs will give you a quick overview of the arm lift surgery procedure and the results that you could expect to be left with after your operation.

Before you go in for your arm lift surgery your surgeon will have discussed with you the surgical technique that they will be using and the exact area of skin that you want removed. However, they may want to explain it to you again just before the surgery to make sure that you know what the outcome will be and to ensure that your expectations are realistic and based on the information that they provide you. The operation will generally be done under a general anaesthetic although some clinics will discuss the possibility of using intravenous sedation and local anaesthetic. If you and your surgeon decide that you will use the second option then you will be awake for the entire procedure but you won’t feel a thing (and you won’t remember anything when you “come back round” at the end of the operation. The whole procedure will last a couple of hours (although the exact length will vary depending on the amount of skin you want removed and the speed of your surgical team). 

Generally the surgeons will make the incision on the under surface of the arm so that any scar that you are left with is very discrete. The incision size will depend on the amount of fat and skin that the surgeon needs to remove as well as the exact location of your excess skin however cosmetic surgeons are renowned for their pride in keeping their incisions as small as possible to reduce scarring! Once the surgeons have made the incision they will either just cut off the excess skin or they will first suck out any excess fat from inside your arm and then cut off the loose skin (and this is known as an arm lift with liposuction). Your surgeon will generally cut out the excess skin in a triangle shape as this produces the best results with the least scarring. They will then stich the incision back up and bandage the wound ready for you when you wake up.

After your arm lift surgery your skin will feel tight because it will have been sutured back up in a way that allows it to be slightly stretched. This stretching will minimise the appearance of wrinkles in areas of your body around the lifted arm too! The removal of your sagging arm skin will leave you with a more natural arm contour and tighter skin. This should boost your self-esteem and have your reaching for your sleeveless tops and searching for reasons to go swimming! In addition, by removing the sagging arm skin you will no longer experience any soreness that you may have previously experienced due to your skin rubbing against itself. So you should find that your quality of life is improved by a reduction in pain and your body confidence should be improved by your more youthful arm shape. Your surgeon will do their best to ensure that any scarring is small and even large scars will be located on the inner side of your lower arm. However, at the end of the day arm lift surgery involved having an operation you will be left with some scaring.

The rest of this guide aims to describe the entire arm lift surgery process in more detail explaining the practicalities of organising your arm lift surgery up until your recovery period. However you should be sure not to substitute it for medical advice. It includes information on what you can expect from you initial consultation with your surgeon to how your wounds will feel when you come out of the operating theatre. If you have excess/sagging skin around your arms that you find unsightly or is causing you problems and you are considering having arm lift surgery, or you are preparing for your first surgical consult, then this guide will arm you with knowledge to assist in your decision making process.

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