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The chin is an important feature of the face, when it comes to determining our overall appearance. As a result of this, more and more people are opting to undergo chin reduction surgery in order to improve their appearance. Chin reduction surgery is frequently used by both men and women in a bid to become more attractive.

Cosmetic Reasons for Women to Have Chin Reduction Surgery

Many people who undergo chin reduction surgery do so for cosmetic reasons. For women this is usually because they want a more feminine appearance and feel that this is marred because of a prominent chin. Many women are unhappy with their chin because it is excessively large, or because it sticks out from their face.

Having a prominent chin can draw attention away from other features of your face and give you a masculine appearance. Undergoing chin reduction surgery can be used to reverse this.

When it comes to beauty balance is a key factor. Many women feel that their chin is disproportionately large when compared with their other features. This is a reason to have chin reduction surgery as the chin can be resized and reshaped bringing it in line with the rest of your face and creating harmony.

Cosmetic Reasons for Men to Have Chin Reduction Surgery

Men often decide to undergo chin reduction surgery in order to soften their appearance. Although it is more common for a masculine jaw line to be square making it naturally wider than that of a woman, some men believe that their chin is excessively large. This can make your face widen as it gets to the bottom. This creates an imbalance in face proportions and is the reason for which many men undergo chin reduction surgery.

Another cosmetic reason for which men undergo chin reduction surgery is that their chin juts out from their face. This can greatly affect your appearance and makes some men unhappy with the way that they look. Chin reduction surgery can be used to correct this, bringing the chin into alignment with the rest of your face.

Some men also chose to have a chin reduction surgery as a part of a gender change. Chin reduction surgery can be used as part of the general feminization process to give a softer, rounder chin. This can give you a much more feminine appearance once you have recovered from surgery.

Medical Reasons to Have Chin Reduction Surgery

Although it is considered to be a cosmetic procedure, some people undergo chin reduction surgery in order to correct medical problems. Some children can be born with a birth defect that either makes the chin excessively large, or makes it jut out from the face. This can be perceived to be unattractive but can also cause a dental malocclusion. A dental malocclusion, which is also known as an overbite, occurs when the jaws are unable to become properly aligned. This can cause many difficulties throughout life including speech difficulties and problems eating. Chin reduction surgery can be used to correct this once the teeth have been correctly aligned.

How Chin Reduction Surgery Works

Chin reduction surgery works by reshaping and resizing the chin. During the surgery, the surgeon creates new contours, which can dramatically change your appearance. Once the chin has been resized, it creates harmony with the other features on your face. This is because the surgeon sizes it to be in proportion with your other facial features.

Preparing for Chin Reduction Surgery

The most important factor in preparing for any surgery is finding an experienced and reliable practitioner. In order to do this you will need a lot of patience, as it will involve research into several practitioners and their experience.

Once you have found an experienced practitioner, you will have a consultation with them. During this time, you will discuss your medical history and what the procedure involves. You will need to tell your surgeon what you expect from the surgery so that they can provide you with the best possible results. It is important that you are completely open throughout your dealings with the surgeon to avoid complications as a result of your medical history or being disappointed with the results due to inaccurate expectations.

Methods for Chin Reduction Surgery

There are currently two methods to surgically reduce the size of the chin. The first of these is a horizontal chin reduction surgery. This is used to reduce the width and height of the chin and to change its shape. During this procedure, the tip of the chin is removed and resized. It is also given a new shape using a surgical burr to create new contours. It is then reattached to the chin with wires and metal plates.

The second method for chin reduction surgery is the vertical chin reduction surgery. This procedure is used to reduce the height of the chin and to prevent it from sticking out from the face. During this operation, the surgeon removes part of the middle sector of the chin. They then reattach the upper and lower sectors using metal plates.

Both of these procedures are carried out under a general anaesthetic. The incisions used for both are designed to be hidden within the mouth or under the chin. This means that scars will not affect your appearance after surgery and it will not be obvious to any new acquaintances that you have undergone surgery.

Recovery from Chin Reduction Surgery

The recovery process for chin reduction surgery is quite simple. You will need to take two weeks off work, and during this time, you will not be able to take part in any strenuous activities. After two weeks, you will be capable of resuming most of your everyday activities. You will need to avoid facial contact for six weeks after which time the recovery process should be complete.

The best way to ensure that you have a speedy recovery is to follow your surgeon’s advice as accurately as possible. This means following pre- surgery instructions as well as the after care advice that will be given to you.

Risks and Complications of Chin Reduction Surgery

As with all forms of surgery, chin reduction surgery comes with risks and possible complications. Many of these are general risks that are associated with surgery such as:

  • Having a reaction to the anaesthetic
  • Loss of blood during the surgery
  • Getting an infection after the surgery
  • Developing a deep vein thrombosis followed by a pulmonary embolism
  • Pain, swelling, and discomfort after the surgery
  • Feeling unhappy with the results of your surgery

There are also risks that are more specific to chin reduction surgery such as the risk of permanent numbness in your chin. There is also the chance that your chin will be uneven once you have healed. This can be down to healing or surgical error.

Benefits of Chin Reduction Surgery

Chin reduction surgery is normally used for cosmetic reasons to make the chin appear less prominent on the face. The chin is one of the key features for achieving balance on the face and as a result, more and more people are taking surgical measures to improve the appearance of their chin.

Cosmetic Benefits of Chin Reduction Surgery

One of the most common uses of chin reduction surgery is as a tool for cosmetic improvement. Many people are unhappy with the shape of their face due to their chin. If your chin is prominent, it can make your entire face look out of proportion. To this end many people, both male and female use chin reduction surgery to achieve balance.

Chin reduction surgery can be used not only to reduce the size of your chin, but also to remould its shape. This allows you to make a dramatic difference to your general appearance by giving your chin a softer and more desirable size and shape.

Chin reduction surgery can also be sought as a result of other cosmetic surgeries. For example after having cosmetic surgery on the nose to either resize or reshape it, many people are still unhappy with their appearance. This is because to achieve aesthetical harmony on the face the nose and chin must be kept in proportion with each other. As a result of this, people are sometimes unhappy with the way that their chin looks after having had a nose job. In order to regain a proportioned face chin reduction surgery may be required so that the size of your chin remains in proportion with your nose.

Medical Benefits of Chin Reduction Surgery

Although chin reduction surgery is usually thought of as a purely cosmetic procedure, many people undergo the surgery for medical reasons. Some birth defects can affect the chin making it overlarge or causing the jaw to jut out making the chin appear large. Not only can these defects be unattractive, they can also cause you pain throughout your life.

In these cases chin reduction surgery can be used to reshape the chin and realign the jaw. Whilst such uses of chin reduction surgery do have cosmetic benefits, the main use for the surgery is medical. Chin reduction surgery is used to end the pain caused by birth defects thus improving the health and well- being of the patient.

The medical uses for chin reduction surgery include dental uses. In some cases, birth defects involving the chin can prevent the lower and upper jaws from joining accurately. This problem, known as a dental malocclusion or an overbite, can cause pain especially as you are growing or eating. This often requires a number of procedures to correct including orthodontic measures such as braces and in some cases chin reduction surgery.

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