Breast Reduction Surgery

Many women find reasons to feel self conscious with regards to their body image, and the size of their breasts is a common factor. Women often feel down and depressed when thinking about their body and it can affect the self confidence of a person substantially. As well as personal reasons, larger breasts can cause problems such as back, neck and shoulder pain, and can also cause skin conditions which are very uncomfortable and embarrassing for an individual. Not only can larger breasts cause these kinds of problems, they have also been known to cause women unwanted attention as well as some cases of harassment. If you feel like one of these people then it may be necessary to have a look at breast reduction surgery. It is a safe and common type of surgery with immediate effect and usually provides the desired result, which in return can create a much happier person.

What options are available to me?

If you are considering surgery because your breasts are causing you physical, mental or medical problems and you can prove that your life will benefit from the procedure, you may qualify for surgery on the NHS. The NHS will offer surgery to any woman, who suffers due to the size of her breasts; it can however be a lengthy process with lots of waiting before your procedure takes place. Another option available to you is private surgery in the UK, you will qualify again if your breasts are causing you problems, as well as perhaps depressing you. You may also look at private surgery if you are wishing to improve your bodily image for a more superficial reason, such as wearing much prettier lingerie that are only available to women with smaller breasts or wearing clothing that only suits women with smaller body frames. You will of course be required to pay for this surgery yourself, however many clinics will offer you assistance with payment as well as offering you special promotional offers. Your final option available to you is to consider surgery abroad, this is the cheapest option and can offer up to and 80% saving on price in comparison to prices in the UK. Many clinics will offer packages which include travel, accommodation and the procedure all inclusive of one price, and these can be very appealing. You should however ensure that you perform an adequate amount of research to ensure that you will be receiving safe and effective treatment whilst in a foreign country.

Why should I have breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery offers many benefits; the surgery itself removes excess tissue within the breast. The surgeon will then mould the breast to an equal, smooth, smaller sized breast which you will be able to cope with much more efficiently. During surgery your nipple will be moved to suit the shape of your breasts and you will find that following the procedure your breasts appear much more youthful and elegant, as well as offering some relief to previous pain which may have been caused by the size of your breasts. You will also find that due to the reduction in size you can take full advantage of participating in more exercise without the discomfort or embarrassment previously caused by your larger breasts. You may also find an improvement in your overall lifestyle, many women feel much more confident and find that unwanted attention has been eliminated now their breasts are a much more satisfactory size.

Are there any dangers?

With all types of surgery of course there are some risks or complications which you may be putting your body at risk of. Breast reduction surgery however is considered a very safe surgery, and complications occur very rarely. The complications associated are usually due to surgical complications through reactions to anaesthesia or infection; you may also experience pain and discomfort or an unsatisfactory result from the surgery. You will however be required to attend consultations and follow up appointments on a regular basis; these are in place to reduce any risk of infection and to ensure your safety and confidence throughout. Clinics within the UK as well as surgeons are required to meet specific safety requirements, as well as being registered with numerous commissions and associations, this ensures experience and quality. You will also find that clinics and surgeons abroad will also need to be members of certain associations; however these will differ from country to country.

What is the recovery period like?

Everyone varies from person to person and this is reminiscent in the recovery process, the procedure itself usually lasts between 1 to 3 hours. You will then need to stay in hospital from between 2 days to 4 days. You will be given advice and pain relief as well as antibiotics during your hospital stay, and these will aid your recovery period once you have been discharged. Most women find that they can return to work within 2 to 4 weeks following their procedure, however you will be unable t lift heavy objects or stretch certain ways for up to 6 weeks. You will be required to wear a support bra for up to 6 weeks following the procedure and you will constantly need to ensure that your breasts are supported and your stitches are not stretched excessively. You will need to attend numerous follow up appointments after your operation and around 7 to 14 days following the surgery you will have your stitches removed, many women will have dissolvable stitches which will disappear after a number of weeks. Most women are back to normal after 6 weeks.

How long will the results last?

The remaining tissue within your breasts will act as normal breast tissue therefore the size and shape of your breasts will also adapt to any bodily changes, so if you get pregnant, gain or lose weight your breasts may also change in size due to this. After time as well you breasts may droop and sag caused by gravity, however this will happen later than it would have if this surgery wasn’t completed. 

Scarring from breast reduction surgery

The scarring from surgery is often one of the reasons women are put off, as they feel that the scars will be extremely prominent. During the first few months following surgery, yes the scars will be obvious they will appear red and lumpy and may be sore, however over the several months to come these scars will fade becoming purple and then eventually turning white. If you are a smoker you should ensure that you give up, as it can affect the healing process and scarring caused by this type of surgery, it is also known as a factor which can increase the risk of infection.

What should I do if I want surgery?

Deciding that you want to go ahead with the surgery is a life changing choice, you should ensure that YOU and you only are the person behind this choice, make sure that nobody around you has influenced your choice and that you are 100% happy with going ahead with breast reduction surgery. You should then consider your options; do you think the NHS will cover the cost of your procedure?  Or should you look at private health care in the UK or abroad, you can search online and research all of the options available to you, and you should seek the support of your friends and family this will be a great help to you throughout the transition and surgical process as well as the recovery period. You could then visit your local GP who will give you the professional and medical advice necessary or you could contact a private clinic.

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