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What is a cosmetic or ‘plastic’ surgeon?

Plastic comes from the Greek word ‘plastikos’, meaning malleable or mouldable, and in this case does not refer to the common polymer based material which has become widely known as plastic. This is a common misapprehension regarding plastic surgery, but the process has become known as this because the surgeons involved seek to mould or change the shape of a person’s face or body. More correctly termed ‘cosmetic surgeons’ or ‘aesthetic surgeons’ they are a group of specialized medical professionals who work towards improving or altering body shape for aesthetic purposes only. That isn’t to say that their work is frivolous or meaningless, in fact altering appearance can have a dramatic effect on self-esteem and some facial reconstruction or skin graft work is provided free on the NHS, which shows the high regard these procedures are given in improving a patient’s quality of life. There are several types of cosmetic surgeons, as some choose to specialize in particular areas such as an oculoplastic surgeon, who focus on the area around the eye or facial plastic surgeons.

Brief history of Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has been recorded to have been happening since the 1st Century AD, in Greece, the Roman Empire and India. The profession has really come into its own during the 20th and 21st centuries, due to the advancement in safe and clean working practices, an influx of wealth into the middle classes and a greater disposable income in western society in general and the increased importance placed on body image with relation to your mental health.

Your cosmetic surgeon’s experience

It is safe to assume that an accredited cosmetic surgeon (that has registered with the General Medical Council or the equivalent authority) will have spent around half a dozen years training in general medicine and surgery and then at least a year specializing in cosmetic surgery. In addition to this you are likely to be operated on by a team of both surgeons and nurses, with a good deal of combined experience.

What to look for

There are advantages to being operated on by a very experienced surgeon, and if the procedure you are undergoing is highly risky or unusual a specialist in the field would be the best type of doctor for you to work with. If you are undergoing a very invasive and delicate procedure you ought to find a cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience and specialism in that field.

Feel secure

The important thing is to find a surgeon which you are comfortable with, and who meets the requirements that you feel are most important for you. The best place to begin your research is the General Medical Council who can put you in touch with the best surgeries in the country, or start local and research clinics which your friends and family have had good experience with.

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