Breast Enlargement (Breast Implants) in London & UK

There are many clinics now offering breast enlargement (breast implants) or "boob jobs," throughout London and the UK. If you would like to know more about the surgery, complete the form on the right and an advisor will contact you.

Breast enlargement surgery (medically known as "breast augmentation surgery") remains the most popular form of cosmetic surgery in the UK. According to the NHS, approximately 80% of women who request enlargements are purely down to cosmetic reasons, while medical reasons account for the remaining 20%. However, breast implants are now not the only way in which breasts can be enlarged. Breast enlargement clinics are increasingly offering options such as body fat transfers to improve the size and shape of breasts.

The reasons women decide to undergo surgery vary, from boosting confidence and self-esteem, to helping restore their look after suffering from breast cancer. It’s also common for accident victims, who have also undergone a mastectomy, to consider their option of surgery. There are varying aspects to cosmetic surgery to consider. Enlargements, also known as augmentations, focus not only on increasing the size of a women’s bust, but on the shape and symmetry of the breast. For example, women whose breasts have significantly altered in appearance after childbirth or through ageing may decide surgery is a reasonable option.

Risks involved with Breast Enlargement (Breast Implants)

Like most operations, breast enlargements/breast augmentation surgery is not 100% safe, and there is an element of risk involved. Techniques performed in the procedure have improved rapidly over the years and surgeons will place primary importance on patients’ safety, but there is still an element of risk. For women who undergoe breast enlargement surgery and opt for silicone implants, a popular option for many, there is a possibility a leakage from the silicone gel encased in the shell.

If the implant ruptures, it will need a second operation to remove it. Other complaints include bleeding, loss of nipple sensation and capsular contracture – this is when the implant hardens.

But silicone based implants aren’t the only solution. Saline implants, which contain salt water, are safer according to some medical experts, as it is much easier to detect leakage, and any complications arising as a result can be corrected sooner. The drawback however, is that it might be more painful for patients to have them removed.

Alternatives to Implants

Women who undergo surgery for purely cosmetic reasons could have the option of taking excess fat from other parts of the body to use for augmentation; a procedure which some experts believe will eventually become common place. Side effects of this procedure are still a concern, but pilot-schemes in the United States and the UK indicate lasting results and no long-term problems.

Patients who have undergone a mastectomy, a procedure that requires the removal of a breast, normally have the option to use body fat in an attempt to restore breast shape. It is a course of action that can be undertaken at the same time as the mastectomy but you can discuss your options and preferences with your surgeon before undergoing the operation.

Surgery for Breast Implants & Recovery

The surgical process involved in typical breast Enlargement (Breast Implants) usually involves an incision being made in the crease under the breast, and then the implant is inserted. The insertion methods and the positioning of the implant will depend on the patient and is something that can be discussed in great detail with your surgeon.

Surgery normally lasts anywhere between one and two hours. Tiredness and soreness due to bruising, which is perfectly normal after an operation of this kind, is very common and will subside after a few days, but the pain can be eased with prescription medication.

Follow-up visits will need to be made in the weeks and months after cosmetic enlargement to ensure everything is progressing as it should, but don’t be surprised to see pinkish scarring for several weeks. The scars will fade in time, but could take as long as two years in some cases. Patience is the key and regular checks will be made in the immediate aftermath of surgical enhancement to ease any fears.

The recovery time all depends on the individual and their circumstances, but you should be back to your vibrant self within a fortnight. It is very important not to do anything physically demanding for at least ten days after the surgical procedure, though light activities such as walking around the house should be achievable within 24 hours. Whether or not you can go back to work within a couple of days depends on the number of physical activities that arerequired in your place of employment, but some women do go back two or three days after the operation.

Suitable Candidates for Breast Enlargement

Though surgical enhancement is often considered the last and not the first resort for a woman seeking a change, it is important you are absolutely certain you want to go through with it. However, not everyone is eligible for cosmetic surgery. A major factor is age – for instance, many surgeons would be very reluctant to operate on anyone under the age of 18, when the breasts and body have yet to fully develop, as well as the maturity of the proposed patient. Some surgeons will advise its best to prolong your options until the age of 21 or 22.

Other patients fall into high-risk categories. Pregnant women and women who are psychologically unstable would not make good candidates, and there will have to be a logical and valid reason for having the surgery. A consultation with a surgeon will determine if you are deemed to be a suitable candidate, but good health, a sound mind, and realistic expectations are paramount.

Cost of Breast Enlargements

The cost of breast enlargements ranges from £3,400 to £5,000 and payment plans can be arranged so the procedure is more affordable, but it is important to take into account the reputation and track record of the cosmetic surgery clinic. Surgery can also be made available through the NHS, but only in exceptional circumstances. Any cosmetic surgeon carrying out the procedure should be an accredited member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

If someone is offering cut-price plastic surgery, then it is probably too good to be true. Remember, your safety should be of paramount importance and it could be more expensive, and potentially more damaging to your health, in the long-term to correct poorly performed operations.

Expectations from Breast Implants

Expectations must be realistic, as the outcome doesn’t always match the patient’s original vision of how their breasts should look. Some women argue that the benefit from cosmetic surgery has changed their lives for the better. They claim confidence has been addressed, and they finally have a look they have always desired.

This guide will cover every aspect of breast enlargements and implants in further detail.

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Breast Enlargement (Augmentation) Clinics in London offering Implants


MyBreast Cosmetic Surgery

49 Mount Pleasant

111 Harley Street

Harley Street
Tel: 0845 222 5111
Details: 111 Harley Street offers both breast reduction and enlargement surgeries at competitive rates. Breast enlargement remains perhaps the most popular cosmetic treatment available today, and the Harley clinic offers breast enlargement by way of traditional implants and fat transfer. Breast implants involve the insertion of a silicone implant to increase the size and improve the shape and firmness of your breasts. With a range of flexible finance options available for anyone looking for this type of surgery, 111 Harley Street is an excellent choice for breast implants in London.

Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery

129 Harley Street
Tel: 020 7224 5434
Details: Aesthetic Cosmetic Clinics specialise in the provision of the best breast implants, using only the highest quality implants provided by market leaders like Nagor in their surgeries. Nagor are a British company that have been designing and manufacturing leading breast implants since 1979, and so you can rest assured that your implants are some of the best available. The clinic offers lifetime aftercare should you choose to enlist their services, a reflection of both their dedication to your satisfaction and their confidence in the quality of their service. This includes a policy of offering unlimited follow-ups with your surgeon after your procedure, meaning that whatever your problem or concern, your surgeon will be available to help and advise you.

Aurora Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Centres Harley Street

10 Harley Street
West Minster
Tel: 01844 214362
Details: Opting for breast implants is a big decision, but one you might have contemplating for a while. If so, then 10 Harley Street's two free consultations are an ideal way to find out what you need to know about the surgery, its pros, cons, how it's done, and whether you do in fact want it. At this clinic there is no hardnosed sales pitch, only a surgeon from beginning to end whose concern is the welfare of his or her patient.

BMI Healthcare Fitzroy Square Hospital

14 Fitzroy Square
Tel: 020 7388 4954
Details: A large team of London's consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeons service the Fitzroy Square Hospital, offering top of the range breast implants for anybody interested. A consultation with a surgeon able to give you any information you need will grant you the ability to choose which option suits you best, and from then on the centre's fully refurbished on-site surgical and recovery facilities are at your disposal to ensure your full recovery and happiness.

BMI Healthcare Garden Hospital

46/50 Sunny Gardens Road
Tel: 020 8457 4500
Details: Breast enlargements by breast implants are provided by practicing NHS consultant plastic surgeons like Mr Abhilash Jain. The procedure is a simple one, involving the placement of a silicone implant within the breast, providing a fuller, larger, and more shapely appearance. Silicone implants are safe, and recent technological advances have made them feel and look more natural than ever. They are also available in a range of shapes and sizes, all to suit your needs and requirements as discussed during a consultation with one of the team at The Garden Hospital.

BMI Healthcare London Independent Hospital

1 Beaumont Square
Stepney Green
Greater London
E1 4NL
Tel: 020 7780 2400
Details: As befits a fairly large private hospital servicing not only London but the adjacent home counties, a large team of expert consultant plastic surgeons and the like work to offer breast implants out of The London Independent Hospital. These silicone implants are known for achieving remarkable results worldwide, and are available now in a range of shapes and sizes that mean your implant can be adjusted to suit your individual body type and personal needs.

BMI Healthcare Marylebone Consulting Rooms

10-11 Bulstrode Place
Tel: 0207 9357711
Details: Consultation for breast augmentation.

BMI Healthcare The Blackheath Hospital

40 - 42 Lee Terrace
Greater London
Tel: 020 8318 7722
Details: Breasts can be cosmetically altered in virtually any manner at present. They can be enlarged, reshaped, uplifted, or reduced, depending on what you want and what your body allows for. Breast enlargements by means of breast implant surgeries are easily amongst the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery, let alone breast surgery, and the procedure is readily available at The Blackheath Hospital. With the latest imaging technologies, operating theatres, and experienced staff, the hospital can offer great results.

Botonics Harley Street

111 Harley Street
Details: During one of 111 Harley Street's breast implant surgeries, silicone implant which doesn't react with your body's tissues is placed in a pocked surgically made in an unobtrusive position by your breast. The result is an augmented breast that looks and feels as natural as can be, largely due to advancements in the technologies around the surgery, like the quality of implants and experience of the surgeons.

Botonics Kensington

29 Kensington Church Street
W8 4LL
Tel: 0845 680 1964
Details: Botonics clinics, including 29 Kensington Church Street, all make use of top quality Nagor implants in their breast implant surgeries. A free consultation with an expert consultant ensures that the surgeon performing the procedure understands exactly what it is you want to achieve from the surgery, and how best to achieve it through the treatment.

Cosmetic Surgery Specialists Harley Street

40 Harley Street
Tel: 020 7580 8001
Details: A breast enlargement surgery involves the use of a silicone implant to enlarge your breasts. People seek breast enlargement surgeries for anyone of a number of reasons, for example to feel more effeminate, feel more confident in themselves, or simply to make a change in their lives. The surgery is a relatively short one and typically lasts between half an hour and forty minutes. Patients will be typically kept overnight for observation, but overall the procedure is both convenient and quick, and you should be able to return back to normal exertion within 4-6 weeks.

Court House Clinic London

30b Wimpole Street
Tel: 0845 555 50 50
Details: Breast implants are approached with the sensitivity and discretion they are due at the London Court House Clinic. A superb facility which offers everything you need and more for your breast augmentation surgery, the clinic offers a consultation stage during which your surgeon will talk you through the procedure professionally and without placing unwanted pressure on you. What this means is that you are in a health environment in which to make a decision as large as whether or not you wish to proceed with a life changing surgery.


Emblem House
London Bridge Hospital
27 Tooley Street
Greater London
Tel: 0 20 7935 3763
Details: If you are one of many women disappointed by your breasts, whether because of an asymmetry between them, their size, or shape, and see breast enlargement surgeries as a means to improve the appearance of their breasts and hence their confidence and self-image, then Enhanceyourbody offers you the opportunity to make a chance for the body you want. Your breasts can be an essential part of your femininity, and so being happy with their appearance can have a substantial effect on your self-esteem. offers you the opportunity to reshape yourself in a manner you see fit, giving you improved confidence and self-esteem that can dramatically improve your lifestyle.

Guys Nuffield House

Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust
Newcomen Street
Tel: 020 7188 5292
Details: Guy's Nuffield House provide a breast implant procedure for private patients in and out of London who come to the well situated site for its excellent staff and equipment. The Guy's Nuffield House has ready access to quality consultant surgeons and medical staff from the NHS Trust with which it shares a site and name, as well as access to both its own superb facilities as well as those of the Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust.

Linia Healthcare London

17 Harley Street
Greater London
Tel: 0845 230 1700
Details: Breast implant surgeries are performed regularly across the UK, and in fact the world. This type of surgery is extremely effective at redefining your bust, and is also extremely safe to boot. Silicone implants are used because they don't react adversely with body tissues, and since the nowadays mostly soft solid implants are used as opposed to liquid filled ones, the risk of rupture and/or leakage has been dealt with.

London Bridge Hospital

27 Tooley Street
Greater London
Tel: 0845 602 7906
Details: Breast surgeries are part of a range of female specific surgeries provided by The London Bridge Hospital , all of which are geared towards providing you with the confidence that comes with being happy with your femininity. Expert staff will guide you, but the choice is ultimately your own as to whether breast implant surgeries are for you and how to go about them. Your surgeon will discuss your many options with you, which will often include a range of different implants which can meet your needs. Ultimately the control is in your hands, and London Bridge Hospital supports you through their dedicated service.

Nip n Tuck Surgery

27 Wellbeck Street
Tel: 020 7224 2242
Details: A breast implant surgery can be either a way to restore your breasts after pregnancy, breast feeding, or weight loss, or a means by which to enhance your bust if you are unhappy with it. Mr Jawad's Nip n Tuck Surgery approaches your breast implant surgery with confidentiality and professionalism, focusing on providing you with the best advice to ensure that you are ready to proceed with a cosmetic surgery. Should you choose to proceed with the surgery, then you will be in experienced hands at the world renowned London Welbeck Hospital.

Surgicare London at Welbeck Hospital

27 Welbeck Street
Tel: 08000 461000
Details: Some of the many reasons for which women worldwide have been seeking breast implant surgeries include a desire to have a fuller and more feminine bust, or to restore breast size after pregnancy, breast feeding, or in some cases weight loss. Many women look for the surgery just to boost their self-confidence, while others want to correct an unevenness. There are many reasons, but fortunately they all involve needs that can be met by one of SurgiCare's expert breast implant surgeries. Staff will guide you from beginning to end with professionalism and friendliness to make sure that whatever your motives, you get the results you want from SurgiCare.

The Cosmetic Clinic London

65-72 The Strand
Tel: 08000 12 10 12
Details: Breast implants can provide you with enhanced curves and the confidence to wear what you want, all through a surgery that is relatively simple and very effective. At The Cosmetic Clinic, your skilled surgeon will guide you through the many implant options available today, helping you to select implants that achieve what you want naturally and safely. From then on a top of the range surgery and faultless aftercare will ensure that you will soon possess the feminine figure you've always wanted.

The Harley Medical Group Chiswick

93a Chiswick High Road
W4 2EF
Tel: 0800 085 4984
Details: Consultations for breast augmentation and non-surgical treatments.

The Harley Medical Group London

Marc House
Great St Thomas Apostle
Tel: 0800 085 4984
Details: Consultations for breast augmentation and non-surgical treatments.

The Hospital Group - London Clinic

31 Weymouth Street
Tel: 0845 762 6727
Details: Consultations for breast augmentation, non-surgical treatments, and after-care.

The Hurlingham Clinic & Spa

67 Studdridge Street
Greater London
Tel: 020 7348 6380
Details: Breast implant surgeries are an important part of any cosmetic clinic, as it is often the most commonly sought after procedure because of its popularity. Many people ask why the breast implant surgery is so popular, and the answer is simply that it is a convenient, easy method of enhancing their natural curves and achieving a much more feminine figure and all the benefits that come with that.

The Wellington Hospital

Wellington Place
St Johns Wood
Tel: 0 20 7483 5148
Details: At The Wellington Hospital your breast implant surgery (referred to as a breast augmentation surgery) aims to give you a bust of your choosing that is full and natural, both in appearance and feel. The key to this is choosing the right implants for you, that work with the proportions of your body and also achieve your desired goals. Patients tend to be seen at least two times for discussions and consultations to make sure that the surgery is the right choice for them, and then to iron out the specifics of the procedure, namely the approach and the implants to be used. In facilities as large and advanced as at The Wellington Hospital, you can achieve very successful results that can change your life.

Transform Cosmetic Surgery Finchley

7 Dancastle Court
Arcadia Avenue
N3 2JU
Tel: 0800 655 6406
Details: Considering the dramatic changes it can effect, it is no surprise that breast enlargement is one of the most commonly sought after and popular surgeries in the UK. At Transform over 35 years of experience in the field of delivering unparalleled cosmetic surgery means that the care you receive will be the best in every respect. From your free initial consultation right through to your aftercare months or years down the line, you can be confident in that one of the nation's most respected cosmetic providers is looking after you.

Transform Cosmetic Surgery London

Nightingale House
1-7 Fulham High Street
Tel: 0800 655 6406
Details: A breast implant surgery is a relatively simple one that can be completed within an hour or hour and a half at most. At Transform your surgery will be conducted by a surgeon who has been performing the procedures long enough to have earned a consultant's post, and thereby the experience and skill necessary to perform the surgery to the best national standards. You can expect not only great care, but fantastic results at Transform Cosmetic Surgery.

Transform Cosmetic Surgery Enfield

Cavell Drive
Uplands Park Road
Tel: 0800 655 6406
Details: Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and because of this immense variation some women are less satisfied with their bust than others. Fortunately modern medicine allows for a surgical change that can make you confident and more self-assured by enhancing your bust through the breast implant surgery. Offered by Transform's Enfield Clinic out of the BMI Cavell Hospital, the treatment you receive will be amongst the best available.

Transform Cosmetic Surgery on Cavendish Street

Cavendish House
55 New Cavendish Street
Tel: 0800 655 6406
Details: By carefully inserting a silicone implant through an incision at the base of your breast, your surgeon can enhance your bust and grant it not only improved size, but a fuller and rounder shape. Silicone implants have been used for years and have only become safer and more natural in feel and look. As Transform Cosmetic Surgery have been delivering their surgeries for 35 years now, you can be confident in that they know exactly what they are doing before, after, and during your surgery.