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Chin implantation, also known as ‘chin augmentation’, ‘chin implants’ or ‘mentoplasty’, is generally sought by people with a weak or receding chin in order to balance out the general appearance of the face, as well as by those who may have damaged their facial features in an accident.  This procedure has been around since about 1956 and since then there have been many technological and surgical advancements that have contributed to making the surgery increasingly effective.  Nowadays it is known as a relatively safe and simple procedure.  By implanting inserts under the skin the chin can be made more defined, in height and width. Generally it is acknowledged that man-made rubber or gel filled inserts, such as silicone, are the most effective aesthetically as well as being recorded as having the least side effects.  These types of implant have been used for years and as a result surgeons are familiar with them, although there are other options such as a bone graft that may be used instead.  It is important that the patient is fully developed and aware of all the risks involved before any surgery takes place, otherwise serious implications such as bone deformities can occur.  You must be certain of the reasons for undertaking chin augmentation surgery; it isn’t a light decision to make.  It is essential that you follow understand and follow procedure in order to get the result you are after with no problems in the healing process.  The best and worst scenarios must be discussed and your expectations reasonable.

Chin Implant Consultation

Before any surgery, especially cosmetic surgery such as a Chin Implant, is started it is important to have an in-depth discussion with your surgeon.  This will give you trust in the person who will be performing the surgery as well as provide you with a chance to voice any concerns and ask questions about the procedure.  It is also for the surgeons benefit, as they will get a good idea as to your expectations of the surgery and whether they can realistically be accomplished.  You need to be reasonable in your expectations, and understand that what you are looking for might not be possible with chin implant surgery or that alternative therapies may suit you better.  It should be very easy to get such a consultation, often they are included in the price of mentoplasty surgery or offered for free.

Chin Implant Procedure

In the first part of the chin implant surgery you will either be placed under anaesthetic or given a local anaesthetic, followed by an incision being made either inside your mouth, between the gum and lower lip, or along the skin just under the chin.  The incisions are closed with absorbable stitches that disintegrate within two weeks of the surgery.  Once the facial swelling has gone down the initial effects of the surgery can be seen although it can take up to a few months to fully appreciate.  You can be up and about within twenty four hours, but it generally takes a couple of weeks before any strenuous activity can be undertaken and you ought to be prepared to take at least a week off work.  In the initial consultation your surgeon will go through all of your options and give you advise about how to aid your recovery.

Chin Implant Surgeons

Before your surgery it is important to check the credentials of your surgeon.  Ideally they would be affiliated with The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) indicating that they have been specifically trained within cosmetic surgery and passed a rigorous exam to be admitted into this organisation.  These surgeons would be the best to conduct this surgery.  Membership to the FRCS (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons) only means the surgeon has had several years experience but no specific cosmetic surgery training.  However if the surgeon has FRCS (plast) after their name then they have had some training in plastic/cosmetic surgery.  If you decide to have the surgery abroad at a cheaper rate then it is advised to familiarise yourself with the appropriate institutions and ensure that your surgeon is affiliated with them.  Chin augmentation, like most cosmetic surgery, is cheaper abroad although costs and effects of travelling need to be taken into account when you are thinking about this.  Being in the UK will ensure that there is less stress on you when you leave the surgery and this might be worth the extra cost.

Alternatives to Chin Implants

There are other options aside from chin augmentation, it would be worthwhile to look into these and assess the pros and cons of all the options available to you.  For example orthodontics, fat re-scultping or injected fillers can produce similar results to chin implants and might be less invasive or extreme.  Generally speaking chin augmentation is a good long-term permanent solution to a receding chin and will give you the best lasting effects. 

Other Types of Surgery with a Chin Implant

Often chin augmentation is used in conjunction with other cosmetic surgeries such as a face-lift or a nose job.  The shape and protrusion of the chin can have a real impact on the face, and in order to achieve greater balance it is often the case that the chin may be modified at the same time as another feature, such as the nose or cheeks. 

Side Effects

Pain and tenderness of the chin, none correctable severe soft tissue deformities, a misaligned lower lip and dimpling of the skin have all been reported as problems that could potentially be caused by chin implant surgery.  If the incision is made under the chin externally then the scar will be permanent if small.  It would seem that although chin augmentation appears relatively simple it is actually quite a complex procedure; the surgeon performing it needs to be skilled and highly aware of the larger implications of such an operation.

Chin implants can make a big difference to your overall appearance as well as your attitude to life.  The majority of people who have chin augmentation surgery are pleased with the results, and successful surgery can be an amazing confidence boost.  If, after many years of worrying about your appearance, you are considering having chin implants there are many ways of gaining information about it and surgeons are generally very happy to have discussions about any procedures that you may be considering. 

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