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A substance administered to temporarily halt bodily sensation.  A general anaesthetic will also render the patient unconscious.  Various forms of anaesthesia are used in cosmetic surgical procedures, including local and general anaesthetics.  Depending on the extent of the procedure it may be more suitable to have a local anaesthetic administered, in which case you may be conscious for the procedure itself, although it will ensure you are incapable of experiencing pain or sensation in the area where the surgery is being carried out.  A general anaesthetic will be used in more extensive surgery, such as full face-lifts, breast-augmentation or liposuction.  You will often be required to spend at least one night in hospital following your operation if you have a general anaesthetic in order to monitor your recovery and prevent unnecessary complications.   

It is extremely important to provide a comprehensive medical history before undergoing a general anaesthetic.  You need to inform your anaesthetist if you have any allergies, if you smoke, if you have a history of heart complications, or if you have undergone major dental work.  Any of these factors could potentially cause complications whilst under general anaesthetic, so ensure you address any concerns at the outset.