Closed Rhinoplasty

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A closed Rhinoplasty is a variation on the traditional ‘nose job’ (an open Rhinoplasty.)  The procedure is designed to reshape the structure and appearance of the nose.  The main difference is that, unlike an open Rhinoplasty, all the incisions made during the surgery are carried out inside the nostril, resulting in a drastically reduced incidence of scarring.  Like an open Rhinoplasty, a closed Rhinoplasty will usually involve undergoing a general anaesthetic, and may involve restructuring the appearance of the nose by using bone and cartilage or synthetic implants. 

The main advantages of a closed Rhinoplasty are, obviously, less likelihood of scarring, but also a shorter surgical operating time, less trauma to the tissue of the nose, and a potentially faster healing period.  

The decision to pursue a closed or open Rhinoplasty will extend largely on the overall aims of the patient.  If the desired result is drastically different to the current appearance of the nose a more invasive procedure may be more effective.  It is advisable to consult a surgeon who is qualified and experienced in carrying out both forms of the Rhinoplasty procedure so that they can help you make the best decision from an informed and unbiased perspective.