Dermatological Care

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Dermatological care is the regime of caring for and treating imperfections in the appearance of the skin.  It can include various chemical, synthetic and herbal topical treatments, as well as complimentary procedures such as massage.

If you undergo any facial cosmetic surgery or dermatological treatment (such as a chemical peel, laser surgery or dermabrasion) careful after-care is vital in producing the best result from your procedure. 

Your surgeon should advise you of necessary products and their most effective use.  Generally it is essential to keep your skin clean, moisturised and supple.  Often you will need to use antibacterial treatments to prevent infection.  After the initial recovery period and healing process there will be products that will enhance and maintain the improvements your procedure have achieved.  Be careful not to use anything that may have a detrimental or damaging effect; depending on the nature of your surgery (or alternative procedure) you may have increased sensitivity in your skin.  For the best advice consult your medical practitioner.